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  1. Barfass

    1989 YZ250 with 1990 stator, coil and cdi.

    Thanks for the reply. The stator that came with the motor has 3 wires coming from it and that is all. THe CDI that came with it has a white connector with 3 wires and a green wire with a female/male bullet connector. That is where my problem lies. The difference between the 89 and 90 is that green wire with the bullet connector coming from the stator. So basically I have a 89 stator with a CDI from another year - looking at the schematics on bikebandit it looks like a 1993 (give or take a couple year models) CDI (not a 90). FFS! Any ways, the schematics don't make since for 1990 as they show the green wire coming from the stator, but only show the connector coming from the CDI - no other wire. Ugh.... and the journey begins.....
  2. Hi Everyone, usually only in the thumper section but I picked up a 1989 (3JE) YZ250 motor for a kart that I have. It came with a CDI and Coil for a 1990-1995 and a 1989 stator. Of course the 1989 stator does not directly link up to the CDI connection (only has 3 wires, brown, black and white/red). The CDI has different colors at the connection plus a third Green wire that is on its own. I have been wondering if I should get the proper CDI and coil or go get a 1990 Stator. My question is, will this stator fit and work properly with this engine? Any advice would be appreciated!
  3. Barfass

    XT350 dies on open throttle... why?

    These parts are off a 1991, non-california style. I have basically everything. CDI Unit, Ignition coil, Ignition control unit, stator and pulsar coil. I am not sure what to ask for everything if you want it all. I would take $100 for the stator (I would include pulsar coil and stator plate - bolt on and go) give me $200 for everything if you want it all. I think that is a good deal as CDI's go for about that much alone. Send me your address information for shipping cost (actual shipping, no "handling" fees) and I will get you a total.
  4. Barfass

    XT350 dies on open throttle... why?

    Yeah, you can buy the coil. I would suggest buying the whole stator and the pulsar coil. I believe I have the ignition coil as well. I will go down and have a look at what I have left and get back to you.
  5. Barfass

    XT350 Project

    I am looking at the puller right now but there are no numbers on it unfortunately. I got it from the Yamaha dealer and got home and realized I needed something to either thread in the end of the crank or? So what I did was used a socket that fit the outside diameter of the crank end. Thread in the left hand puller and cranked it off. I believe the bolt threaded into the end would be a better choice.. if you get too small of a socket it will punch right into the threads... you are done at that point! Good luck!
  6. Barfass

    XT600 SuMo/Street-Tracker Project

    Wow... you do some great work man! Thanks for all the pictures especially of the rear shock as I was noticing there was a new mount, etc. Keep 'em comin'!
  7. Barfass

    XT600 SuMo/Street-Tracker Project

    @xtidiot - Sorry to get off the rear suspension topic but I was wondering about the front forks and triple trees. You said these are off a YZ250. I was wondering what year and also does the triple trees, etc from the YZ just bolt up to the XT steering head? This is an interesting setup to me and looks great! Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Well, thought I would report back that I was able to get my seized axle out. I got my big persuader bar and was able to break it loose by turning it. I then turned the nut out to almost the end and put a small piece of wood at the end. 3 whacks with the 10lb sledge and it broke free... ahhhhhhhh that was a good feeling! I now have new bearings, seals, brakes and a nice new enduro tire! Also changed the swingarm to another one I got with all new bushings, seals, etc. The bike is now ready for a safety and the road! Thanks again to everyone that responded!
  9. Barfass

    Help Me Start My XT350!

    I have my mixture screw turned out about the same as JSNMID 3 or 3.5 turns. Made things so much easier it was laughable. I start mine holding the throttle JUST open for 2 kicks, then no throttle and it will fire on the 3rd or 4th kick. I do not have my carbs jetted but I did shim the needles. I have never tried it any other way to start it as this seems to work well for mine.
  10. Barfass

    XT350 Project

    Ryan39 - I have basically a complete bike in parts. I have paypal if you wish to do any deals. I have a website that is under extreme construction but at least you will see a few of my items I have. Check it out below. These are not all the parts I have. I also have a complete good working bottom, stator, cdi, coil, etc, etc.... http://drmotosports.99k.org/parts_index.html Barfass
  11. Barfass

    XT350 dies on open throttle... why?

    Any updates? I am curious to see how you are making out.
  12. Barfass

    XT350 dies on open throttle... why?

    I didn't notice no airbox, but still... much easier to check stator numbers than tear into the carb. Remember.. check the easy stuff first before you spend hours on the carb. Get an ohm meter and check the numbers of the stator. It is a simple 5 minute check. Don't do what I did and spend months on the carbs, only to find out it was the stator!
  13. Barfass

    XT350 dies on open throttle... why?

    If you need a stator I have one here that is a known good one.. I will test it today. I am hesitant on giving it up however as I am not sure how much life my current one has in it. I took it out of a spare bottom end that had sat for years. This other one I have I got in a bottom end from a 1991 XT350 that was running and had 20,000kms on it. Not sure what I would charge for it but a new one from Yamaha would be around $500+, and to have your's re-wound @ RMStator.com would be $175. I am not sure if Ricky Stator makes one or not for the XT350. Check your numbers carefully as you CAN buy the individual coils from Yamaha, Source coil which bolts on and the Pulser coil which is a bolt on but separate from the actual stator. Looks like $100 on e-bay for a stator... and unless I saw the readings myself I would never buy one.. been stung too many times with bad coils/stators. Good Luck! - Let me know if you are interested in the stator and we can work something out. I have Paypal.
  14. Barfass

    XR650R new stator and voltage reg stalls out

    The Ricky stator is the one to get... good on ya there. I had a XL600R about a year ago and it had the dual carbs. I got it for $500 and the guy said it was the CDI... well the bike had spark but very little. I called a friend of mine that had a bunch of these and he instantly said "Get a new stator" so I got a Ricky stator, buttoned it up and on the second kick she roared to life after not running for at least 5 years. Best $500 I have ever spent. I am not familiar with the newer ones and if they rely on the power/battery to start. Good luck with it...
  15. Barfass

    XT350 dies on open throttle... why?

    Hi MacEntyre, When you say it sputters and dies, does it actually stay running if you let off the throttle like you say? I have a post on here about lean mixture woes about my battles with the carbs. The butterfly situation sounds about right. You want that butterfly to be just open when the throttle is off... just a hair open. It will then open with the throttle. If it is open too much then it can really affect how the bike runs, but it would spit and sputter when idling, etc. These bikes have a problem with them spitting and sputtering above 3 or 4k. Mine had it and I went at the carbs as the source of the problem. It wasn't until the bike completely died on me after startup and subsequently replacing the stator that the sputtering and hesitation went away. My thread has the numbers for the pulser and source coils. If they are out by 10% give/take then replace the stator. Would be handy if you had a spare one as I did. Here is the thread. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=937817&highlight=