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  1. A friend gave me a Yamaha 74 DT 175 that had been stored in a barn for a long time. I cleaned the gunk off and checked the tank and it was quite clean. I replaced the spark plug and it had almost no spark. I pulled the flywheel and cleaned the magneto and all of the elements of the stator plate (It looked like water might have seeped in through a small crack where the wire bundle leaves the magneto cover.) I cleaned the point and re set them. I finally got decent spark, but no fire. With a little instant start I could barely get a burp out of it. I pulled the carb and gave it a thorough cleaning (It was also surprising clean). Still no fire. I checked the compression and it registers a consistent 70. So where do I go from here on my restoration venture? (Note to self - check compression first.) JW896