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    Confused about this Red sticket Green sticker CRAP

    I'm new to this board and fairly new to off-road riding. So laugh at the n00b all you want. Ha, ha... I don't really see a problem with red stickers not being allowed in certain areas; certain times of the year. There are people on this board that say it doesn't make a difference. I'm not sure what data or science that's based on. Even with automobile emissions control, Yosemite valley gets smoggy in summer. So, I'd be surprised if you are right. From what I can tell the decision to red/green sticker is purely emissions based. It's a completely objective measurement (not subjective like your opinion) . It's also well understood scientifically what sort of emissions lead to poor air quality. Some OHV areas have lots of natural pollution; they are in areas with serpentine soils and lots of wind so particulate pollution there is already high without OHV's. Thus the baseline for air pollution is higher in those places than in some others. Hence the reason why some OHV areas have different times of year when they allow red sticker bikes. As for ballot initiatives, this would be a loser. Pretty much nobody is going to vote to make air quality worse. The reality is that if you want the performance of a red sticker bike during green season; your pressure should go on the manufacturers to make better performing bikes that are green stickerable. As long as the manufacturers can still sell lots of red sticker bikes, they aren't going to change anything. Why would they? There's no market pressure. If other states follow our lead, as they have for automobiles, then there will actually be pressure on them. Save the "it can't be done" speech for someone who actually believes that. Remember they said the same thing about cars years ago.