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  1. Front forks on my brother's bike are violently slamming back to full extension if compressed and then front wheel is lifted off the ground. For example, riding off the sidewalk curb into the street causes it or hitting the face of a rock and riding off the other side at high speed. To me it sounds like a lack of rebound dampening. What would cause this? I have an identical bike and do not have this issue. Could it be low fork oil levels or wrong weight? We did change the bushings/seals/oil but we're not sure if the issue existed before the change because he bought the bike second-hand and we did the change right away. Also, the forks have Race Tech emulators in them. Bike is a 1991 DR350S, standard forks, no rebound adjusters (only compression). Thanks for any insights you can provide.
  2. dtp

    Regarding OHVs and Drivers licenses..

    That's a very left-wing attitude there. I agree and disagree... you are right no need for name-calling. BUT there is this thing called RESPONISIBILITY that needs to be excpected of everyone in a democracy and income level, race, color, creed, sexual orientation, <fill in the blank> is no excuse to doing the right thing. So yeah I do kinda think that if your license is suspended you should lose ALL driving priveleges.
  3. dtp

    Regarding OHVs and Drivers licenses..

    Well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is. Sorry, but you "forget" your court date and yeah, you are deserving of what's coming your way. BUT back on topic, isn't ID required at all border crossings??? I sure hope it would be.
  4. This is must-read for everybody here... looks like some people in Congress actually do listen to us common-folk after all: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1010992
  5. dtp

    Forest Routes, are they OHV legal?

    What you want are the forest's MVUMs (Motor Vehicle Use Maps). They detail what each road is designated for. They are free at the ranger station or you can download them from the USFS website for your forest. They are pretty huge so unortunately printing them out is pretty impractical. If they have not been released for your forest yet, you would have to ask at the ranger station. Sorry but I don't know what forest you are talking about or I'd post a link for you.
  6. dtp

    Registration cost for "on road" California

    How in the heck do they come up with these fees??? I just paid $84 for a 1992 DR350! Is it based on purchase price, engine size, age? There seems to be no rhyme or reason.
  7. dtp

    49er Enduro and 49er Family Enduro News

    Thanks OldeDude and PDMC! You guys rock! Should I wait until I get my D36 card in the mail or can I just include a copy of my receipt from the online signup in my registration envelope? Also, is it really true there will be another FE at Carnegie the following Saturday?
  8. dtp

    49er Enduro and 49er Family Enduro News

    never mind... you can signup online so I took care of it already!
  9. dtp

    49er Enduro and 49er Family Enduro News

    Already have AMA covered (done two D37 family enduros) so I'll get my D36 app in asap to make signup easier. Can I do that online? Thanks!
  10. dtp

    49er Enduro and 49er Family Enduro News

    Circled on the calendar. Is D36 membership required? If so I'll get that taken care of right away.
  11. I didn't get a temp card but my AMA # was on my receipt.
  12. I am about ready to pull the trigger on a 2002 400MXC. My question is... how often do/did you adjust the valves? When I was probing the current owner about the last time he checked them, he said "never. The Previous owner told me you do it when it won't start and it starts with one tap of the button every time so I haven't done anything with them." This is making me a little nervous but I don't know much about these motors... or any KTM motors for that matter. So I don't know if this is reasonable or if this should be a warning sign that the two previous owners didn't do a "regular interval" valve check. Your thoughts? He does seem to do fluid changes regularly. Said he bought a multi-pack of oil filters and has two left that he'd give to me with the bike. He's owned it for a year.
  13. dtp

    Randsburg recomendations

    Ride to the Burro Schmidt Tunnel. Take a flashlight!!! You can find a map and short write-up here... http://www.pashnit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28478
  14. dtp

    Just Got a 1990 DR350 (pics)

    Closed valves will make it hard to start too. Make sure those things are nice and open at the extreme of their spec. Battery has nothing to do with starting the bike.