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  1. Go Baja Riding Tours came home bruised and battered, but not beaten by the 2014 Baja 1000 race. Through many ups, downs and challenges the team faced, they made it to the finish line and placed second in Class 50 Pro! One of the ‘ups’ for the team was being a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project along the ride. Supporting the Wounded Warrior Project was the brainchild of Bruce Anderson, owner, operator and guide for Go Baja Riding Tours. “This was the first time we’ve supported an outside cause and we were happy and proud to be able to support our wounded veterans,” Anderson said. One of Anderson’s children is currently active duty in the Army. 2014 is Anderson’s 82nd Baja race and his fourth time placing. Go Baja Riding Tours would especially like to thank Baja Designs, Parts Unlimited, Seat Concepts, Head Wrapz and Baja Pits for helping to make the 2014 Baja 1000 a race to remember.
  2. Had a great weekend riding With Larry Roeseler and friends. This photo shows friends from Utah and California, Yours truly, Larry Roeseler and the wildman himself, Carl Fischer (Former Motorcross & Speedway side car passenger) . Running the durable Arctic Cat Wildcat buggy made for a 100% trouble free expedition. We put in 3 full days of challenging trails. Riding with good people makes for great trails. Larry Roeseler has this trail dialed in. It had some very rugged and challenging sections! Our highlights were: Running out of Barstow- North Our group checking out the Husky Monument F-16 Crash Site Ridgecrest for some fuel, dinner and a good nights sleep Bickel Mine- Great Stop Smit Mine 1/2 mile long through a mountain! Dug by hand! Goats Sky Ranch/Randsburg. A must see. Very rustic! Indian petroglyphs. Very cool and our lunch stop. Killer Rock Canyon- Very Challenging! Home safe! Thanks to Larry Roeseler for a great tour. Once again our Arctic Cats worked great!
  3. I was looking through old magazines and found a great article. Thought I would share it. Enjoy! http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/escape/epicrides/mtcs_1212_riding_the_mojave_trail_off_road/#.UwUUf3p0_Dk.wordpress
  4. Bruce Anderson

    Best way to winterize bike?

    The best way to keep your bike in good condition in the winter is to ride it, but that isn’t always possible unless you live in sunny climates. Motorcycle and other off-road vehicle owners should not only prepare their rides for winter storage, but also for any non-riding period that is longer than 2 months. The correct preventative measures and maintenance will ensure optimal engine health and function after storage. Rust: The most reported issues arising from long storage are body and parts rust, fuel becomes contaminated, battery power drains, and corrosion of the engine. In an ideal situation your motorcycle or dirt bike should be stored in a low humidity, temperature regulated environment away from UV light. Some motorcycle dealers or bike shops for a nominal fee offer winterizing and storage service. Most people will store their bike in their freezing garages. That is why proper winter preparation and maintenance is absolutely necessary. By covering any windows in your garage, it will help to prevent temperature changes and condensation from the sun's radiant heat. Clean your motorcycle: Wash your motorcycle thoroughly. Then you can ride it around for about five minutes to help dry the moisture in the wheels and linkage. Waxing your motorcycle before storage is very important as it will create a protective barrier against rust and moisture. Also a light spray of WD-40 or similar lubricant on the engine parts and the frame will protect your motorcycle against corrosion. Cover your bike: Choosing the right material for covering your motorcycle is very important. Plastic sheets absorb moisture and hold it against your motorcycle that can cause rust. Condensation is trapped by tarps or plastic sheets by not allowing air exchange. Another problem with tarps or plastic sheets are that they often attach themselves and bond to your motorcycle's body paint in the cold. This ruins the paint job when removed costing you extra money to repaint your motorcycle. There are specially designed motorcycle covers that prevent moisture absorption and allow air exchange keeping your bike in top condition. If you can't afford a motorcycle cover you can use an old blanket or cloth tarp instead to keep dirt and grime off your motorcycle. Oil: By changing your oil to a winter grade oil it will ensure that you have an easy start up in the spring. Even if it is not time for an oil change, it is a good idea to perform an oil change. While riding the internal combustion created acid byproducts in your existing motor oil which can cause corrosion to your motors inner surfaces. Take the used oil to a recycle location in your community for proper disposal. Engine Fluid: Even though it is not a must-do, it is very smart to drain the water from the engine and replace it with fresh coolant. Bikes that are water-cooled need to have the correct antifreeze in the cooling system. Keep fluids full in your motorcycle. Do not drain the bike of water, oil, air or gas. Gasoline: Gasoline breaks down overtime and creates compounds that clog the fuel system. Fill your tank with fresh gas, drain the fuel line and carburetors and add a fuel stabilizer. By following these steps it will prevent gasoline from decomposing and stop moisture collection inside your fuel system. Brake Fluids: Brake fluids are hygroscopic, or water-absorbing. Chances are, if you haven't changed your fluids in the past year or two, a lot of moisture has been absorbed which cause engine corrosion. Battery: The battery should be disconnected and removed from your motorcycle to prevent current drain. A dead battery is a very common start-up problem motorcycle riders face in spring. By charging your battery every few weeks it will maintain its charge. Tires: Cold temperatures affects tire pressure. Remember: The colder it gets the more the air in your tire compresses. This lowers your tire pressure and will causes premature wear. By lowering the tire pressure to 15 PSI, monitoring your tire pressure and using a motorcycle paddock, lift, or stand to lift your bike's tires off the frigid garage floor will help with the decrease in tire pressure. It also doesn’t hurt to spin the tires once a week or so. It will help in spreading the chain lube and move the wheel-bearing grease around. Lubrication: Make sure to lube your engine's cylinder walls with engine oil. This will prevent corrosion and rust. By not lubricating your motorcycle's cylinders, premature ring and piston wear is a very likely possibility. Spray chain lube on the chain and spin the wheel in both directions. Makes sure to take the lubricating oil and spray the foot peg pivots, shock threads, shift lever, and any other folding, moving or bending part on the bike. Start her up: Any chance you get to start your engine during the dead of winter, do it. But you need to be sure to let it run for as long as you can. Running the engine is good during the winter and running it for about five to ten minutes will get it hot enough to achieve the sealing and lubrication effects you need. If you are unable start it and let it run for the recommended time, don’t start it at all. When you decide that winter is over and you are ready to hit the trails again, you should follow these steps before heading out: Drain the fuel and replace it with new fuel. Change the engine oil once again. No, it didn’t get dirty, but it is best to change it after it has collected moisture over the winter. Fill up your tires with air. They will be at a lower PSI and will have also lost pressure over the winter. Re-lube everything that you lubed before you stored the bike. It is also a great time to check under the bike for any signs of leaks. Do this after you warm up the engine. Change any fluids that don’t seem up to snuff on the first ride. If you followed every step provided, your motorcycle will work exactly as it did on the last day you rode it. How perfect is that?
  5. Bruce Anderson

    Rent a Racer

    One spot opening left for this years Baja 1000!! November 17th, 18th, and 19th in Ensenada Baja. Honda CRF 450x, Pro built and prepped by 6 time Baja Champion and Go Baja Riding Tours owner Bruce Anderson. This "All Inclusive" Race Program is available Now! Call the office at 1-800-691-2314 for pricing and availability. This Bike is Top of the Line with all the equipment to Win!! Including: 450x New prepped race bike, over 20k to build Chase crew and transport Prerunning, guides and bikes Hotels and Meals Crew Entry Pitting Complete spairs package included Fuel LIMITED TIME CALL THE OFFICE AT 1-800-691-2314
  6. Bruce Anderson

    Rip to the tip with Larry Roeseler Cabo Adventure

    San Fran is still there but havent heard the greatest reviews lately. That is why we decided to try Escondido, we have been going to San Fran for years because it is right on the beach and it is very beautiful there. Rancho Escondido was great the food was awesome the people there are more than friendly and the manager spoke very good english. They had food cold sodas, and gas. They have cabins for rent although I am not sure how many are finished. I know they had one complete and were renting it for 250 pesos per night and it slept four. They are building the place up really nice, supposed to be building more of the cabins and a big main house. It is lacated fairley close to San Fran, as you come to the military before you take the 17km road out to San Fran you can keep on going south there in stead of going east to San Fran. You will come to another junction and it is about a mile or two further south on the road to Barillos. If you look on your AAA map of Baja you will see the road leading from the military check point before San Fran turn-off and then another road leading south to Barillos and it is just down the road a little ways. There are signs that mark the way. I recommend Escondido over San Fran.
  7. We have just arrived back from an amazing seven day ride from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas. All together we put on about 1200 miles of everything from Baja 1000 race couse to single track and of course some virgin white sand beaches and cactus fields. Our ride was extremely successful with only two get-offs claiming only one radiator (luckely we had a spair in the support truck) and only two flat tires which was really good considering all of the cactus we pulled from our knobbies. The weather could not have been better, we beat the rain the first couple of days and as we made it futher south the temperature rose. Our stops included Mama Espinozas the first night after ripping down the Pacific coast line. The Lobster burritos there are famous throughout the entire peninsula. Early the next morning we burned out for the 99 mile single track trail leaving right from El Rosario and landing us in Catavina. A quick trail side lunch and we were burning gas. We made our way to the Chapala dry lake bed where Larry Roeseler guided us down some of his top secret single track which would bring us back to El Crucero. Bahia de Los Angeles was our third nights stay, big seafood dinner right on the Sea of Cortez couldnt have been better. Day four we ripped down the Baja 1000 course heading south for San Francisquito Bay for lunch, we found a new place called Rancho Escondido which had a really cool rustic feel and they took great care of us. We were able to get a great meal and fill up our gas tanks there. After lunch we set El Arco in our sights and burned rubber. Dodging cactus and cows we burned the 1000 course stoping to hear about all of Larry's stories about racing through there in the middle of the night. Rice and Beans was the fourth days final destination. A few margaritas and another great meal, always an awesome stop in San Ignacio. The next morning back in the saddle early. We stopped for a few pictures of the mission and then made our way for San Juanico Scorpion Bay for lunch. If you ever get a chance to make it here schedule in a little extra time it is an awesome place. We finished off the day riding from the Pacific coast all the way to the Sea of Cortez in Loreto. Early the next morning we burned up to the San Javier Mission and one of the locals were showing us around. They were showing us an olive tree that was 300 years old and all of the other trees in that area had come from it. Really some great history and a cool place to check out. After leaving the mission one of the guys got introduce to silt. He had a high speed incounter and ended up taking out the right radiator. Luckily we were close to the chase truck and the spair radiator. After lunch we burned back onto the dirt in Punta Canejo were we mado our way back to the Pacific coast. Bouncing on and off the beach and some local race courses we made our way to Todos Santos. The Hotel California was our nights hotel and it is an amazing place. It is beyond words, you really need to just see it in person. And I recommend the chile relleno with the seafood stuffing, by far the best meal of the trip. The next morning we had an easy day and everyone agreed to make it to Cabo a little early, so we burned into the dirt about a 1/4 mile south of Todos Santos and rode the dirt all the way into Cabo San Lucas. A great way to end such an amazing ride. Check out the photos!! http://flic.kr/p/9wEunt http://flic.kr/p/9wEHur http://flic.kr/p/9wHMNs http://flic.kr/p/9wHP35 http://flic.kr/p/9wHRZu http://flic.kr/p/9wHSKb http://flic.kr/p/9wJ2zG http://flic.kr/p/9wJ3if http://flic.kr/p/9wFnLR
  8. Bruce Anderson

    San Felipe 250

    Hola! Bruno here just in from the Baja Score San Felipe 250. We had a total Blast!! I had a group of 7 and we started in Ensenada on Wednesday evening with some great grub and fresh seafood, couple of cold cerveza's and sleep. Thursday morning we rolled up into the pine forest and onto some killer single track with snow on the ground, low dust, the traction was great, sun was out, just the best! After some lunch at Valle de Trinidad traditional style at the local family restaurant, and a full tank, we were off to San Felipe. Down the Diablo dry lake full speed and into Beautiful San Felipe, on the Sea of Cortez (203 miles) what a day! On to our Hotel and the hot showers felt great! Washing off the Baja dust and then onto my favorite dinner house in the world, El Nido, right in Downtown San Felipe. Family owned, great service, traditional style and the best home grown steaks you've ever had! Some of the group turned in early, while a few decided to roam down to the local watering hole for some ice cold margaritas, very tasty! Friday was line up for all the competing teams entered into the San Felipe 250, so we packed the scooters until later and went downtown to view the big teams and trophy trucks! This is very fun and a huge party comes out of this day, but we came to ride! South right down the beach out of the town is just incredible! Some san dune climbing, then at about 35 miles south of San Felipe we always stop at Laguna Perce Bu for some great lunch of Fish tacos with Duke and his wife at Desierto Viviente Restaurante. Beautiful stop for lunch! Then a big loop back for the Saturday morning Race start! Saturday we set up our lunch at race mile 58 on the course, just in time to watch the leaders come thru, this is a great spectator location and the view is beautiful this time of year! The trophy trucks were pulling almost 85 mph when they went by! Very exciting.. After lunch we rolled out heading west, past Mike's sky rancho and onto the old Baja 1000 race course and down to the Pacific Ocean, and back north right up the beach! Then back into Ensenada for showers, load up and transport home to San Diego. This was a Fantastic Ride, with great riders, awesome company and great food. Check out our photos here and of some of our other rides at www.gobajariding.com Vio con dios Bruno
  9. Come down to California! Have some great trails in mojave desert and also we can travel into Baja with Go Baja Riding Tours! Great get away and lifetime experience!!
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    sounds like the perfect wife. What kind of bike do you usually ride??