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    2011 yz450 vs Ktm 300

    hello. I am a guy from sweden that rides the most difficult terrain you can imagine, I have ridden 450 crf- ycf 450 and lots of other bikes. So far nothing has come close to my new investment the 300 exc 2010. I strongly recomend it for everything. It is so much lighter in nasty forrest trails, the real buty is the option between the green-yellow-red exhaust spring. green for slow muddy steep hills and red for fast sandtracks and so on. Then you have different setup for ignition timing, low and high. The suspension are good stock also, but with some finetuning its really nice. I simply love it, strongly recomend it:ride:
  2. hello again, i am from europa and a friend of mine bought a ktm 250 two stroke -09 instead of what he tought was a worse enduro bike:his kawa 250 kx two stroke -07. The idea was that it has to have almoust perfect suspension from the start. -NOT bad but way from perfect in suspension for hard, fast enduro riding with rocks roots etc, So shame on KTM that wrote in theirs announce it would be ready for race right from the box:bonk: To add, when he drived the kawa i had no chance to catch him up with my honda crf 450 in the dark woods-now whe are equal
  3. What setup in carburator should i run with 490 athena kit at 0 feet sealevel. and a doma slipon? thanks in prehand johan
  4. Hello again. I think it`s true that europeans use a softer suspension. My setup originally was stock, even with everything adjusted to the softest position it was way to hard. So i made new shimstackes. Much better now:ride: But i am not still quite happy so maybe i buy some softer springs to the forks and rear shock. The trails i am riding are not so fast but very many big and small rocks, when I look at erzberg movies etc and crusty demon they have really nice terrain 95 % of the time.
  5. hello over there american:) I am a guy from sweden that ride romaniac like terrain with a crf 450, everything stock without the frontend and rear shock. Having thoughts about buying a rekluse