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  1. atk_350_490_605

    ATK's are here too?

    The really sad thing is that atk, from what I understand, has signed an agreement with hyosung to manufacture something like 30,000 units, slap atk decals on them and ship the bikes to the poor atk dealers in the usa... I understand they need to make money or they wont be in buisness, but c'mon man!!!! Kinda makes a long time atk rider feel cheated if ya know what i mean... "Atk? doesnt hyosung make those bikes"??
  2. atk_350_490_605

    ATK's are here too?

    Bought my first atk when i was 19, it was a '97 350, then when i was 25 bought a '95 605, then just recently aquired a '99 490. Love the rotax motors, love the trick components, and love the "ATK?..Who makes that?"
  3. atk_350_490_605

    Oversized rotor woes...

    Just purchased a 1999 atk 490 it has 17" excel wheels laced to the stock talon hubs. I love the bike so far, but I would like more performance from the front brake.. The bike still has the stock front brembo caliper and stock front rotor, I would like to replace the stock rotor with a galfer wave type rotor in a 320mm diameter, and along with that this mod. would require a caliper relocation bracket, however I am having a very difficult time accumulating any information on such a modification (part numbers, sources etc). Does anyone know what I need to look for, or where I need to look to to find this information??