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  1. Hey guys, Yesterday I took my wr450 for a ride and runs like a dream. The only thing is sometimes when i come to a stop and the bike idols for abit, I go to take off and it just dies or when i give it a big rev then let it idol then rev again it will die. It feels like it not getting enough air intake. I dont know much about the mechanics side of things and would just like to get it running smoothly again. I asked a mechanic and he recons it could possibly be your air fuel miture screw. Where is it located on the wr450f "2005"? please post your comments. Kind regards, James
  2. 4esh_numa


    Hello Skin, I have the same problem with my wr450f. i seem to have fixed the problem by just changing the fuel. it had only been sitting for 6 weeks. its amazing how fast fuel can go stale. Like william said check the fuel screw its highly possible it is that. please when you find out this problem let me know what it was. Cheers, James
  3. 4esh_numa

    What Causes my WR450f to Backfire?

    Thanks William1 I have FMF power pipe on it, maybe thats why. i will go over these things. Regards, James
  4. Hello All, I have noticed only very few times my WR450f backfiring is this normal? Is there anything i can do about this? if you have time have a look at the link below, it is kind of the same just not as frequent. http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=oM_baRsNBqM&feature=related Please Help Kind Regards, James
  5. 4esh_numa

    Wr 450f "05" Wont start when hot

    Hey guys, i think i might of solved the problem. i gave my bike a service, changed the oil and air filter as well as the fuel. took it for a little run. turned it off and it restarted it first kick and she starts then repeated the process several times and she fired up again.. so either it was the fuel,oil or somthing to do with the air filter. by the way i'm still getting my valves done just to make sure nothing is wrong in that area. So i hope its not just a temporary fix. Thanks Heaps everyone. Kind Regards, James
  6. 4esh_numa

    Wr 450f "05" Wont start when hot

    Thank You KevB & William1 again. When i get my cast off i will have a look at these things most probably on the week end and report back as soon as i find the problem. In the mean time keep posting your thoughts. Thanks again guys for all your help.
  7. 4esh_numa

    Wr 450f "05" Wont start when hot

    Thanks a heap William1 I will give this ago and say it is not this, is there any other possibilities it could be? please people give me your thoughts. Kind Regards, James
  8. 4esh_numa

    Wr 450f "05" Wont start when hot

    Will do, does anyone know approx how much it will cost to get the valves done in AUS. I have one question im not 100% sure but could it be the valves as it does start cold. I do understand metel expands when hot. Thank you for your input CanadianWR450.
  9. Long story short.... i recently broke my leg and have been unable to ride my bike for approx 2 months and get my cast off tomorrow. besides that my bike has been harder to start and is getting harder and harder. It starts first kick when cold but when i run it and let it warm and then shut it down it fails to start again. I dont know much about motorbikes and would just like to know what possible problems am i looking at and if anyone knows the cost's? Does anyone know any good bike shops i can take it to on the Southside of brisbane? Please help it would be much appreciated. Kind Regards James