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    2 rmz price?

    yeah im aware of that but they treated me well the 05 stock kept me top ten in the ams but i would part them out but i just dont want those last parts that dont sell you know what i mean. i rather them all go at once
  2. docko1257

    2 rmz price?

    i have two rmz250s one is an 05 one is an 04 the 04 is funtionally mint it needs a forkseal but its not bad. the 05 i lost a crank in so the bike is down and out for me anyways id like to sell the BOTH im just not sure on the joined price yes the 05 was raced big deal. i know this isnt the classified section im just not sure what i list them for i dont want to put them on there and hear oh i will give you a thousand for those two. but give me your input/offers thanks. i can send pictures if wanted