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  1. wagssd

    2008 KLX 450R Jetting

    Thanks William, I installed a Keihlin 140 main jet, pilot is 40 and used your directions for adjusting the fuel screw, the pilot was correct and the bike idles and runs great, thanks so much for your help.
  2. wagssd

    2008 KLX 450R Jetting

    Thanks for the info, I installed the Moose jet kit main jet incorrectly, that is the kit comes with a two piece main jet and I only installed the jet and not the extension. I realized that after my post. I would think the shorter jet would have an affect on how the needle works and may affect idle? I will get the main jet straighten out and work with the fuel screw, again thanks!
  3. I just purchased a new 2008 Kawasaki KLX 450R and am having problems with jetting - poor idle and lots of back firing. I have removed the AIS, removed the snorkel, added one inch to the stock exhaust and re-routed the crank case vent. I have added a R&D fuel screw, reduced the pilot jet to a 40 and installed a Moose Jet Kit with a new needle down five notches and a 152 main. I know that the Moose main jet size does not correspond directly to the Keihin jet sizes. I am planning on installing a Keihin 140 main jet. My riding is mostly at 6000-11000 feet and I live at 7000 feet. Does this jetting make sense or will the bike be to lean. Thanks