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  1. thejefferson1

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    89 cr 250 love that bike
  2. thejefferson1

    wr 426

    02 wr 426 and 05 kaw 450 the kaw was new and mine i have no idea i just bought it used where might this grey wire be also i found this post looking around this stuff sound good Remove the coil, that will make it somewhat easier to get too. My suggestion is to get familiar with the FCR carb! Don't be affraid to loosen the carb from the boots and jimmy it out of there a little (remove the coil, but the carb will still tilt out from the LEFT side of the bike.) That will make it a WHOLE lot easier, plus you can see how far the slide opens up and see how much you need to trim from the stop to get FULL throttle operation. And, you can see how much fuel that thing squirts, via the accelerator pump, when you twist the throttle. This will answer a bunch of questions you'll have next regarding the "BK" mod that you'll enevitably read about and do. There is a butt-load of power available in a few cheap little mods: Gray wire, throttle stop, change needles (I run ELN), BK mod, YZ timing. There isn't $20 in ALL of these and it will garner you a, conservative, 40% increase in power over the stock, plugged up WR! All that said, the BEST thing you can ever do to a WR is get a YZ seat/tank combo. If you wish to turn sharp, at all, ever, you need to get more forward on the bike. Keep an eye on ebay and www.thumpertalk.com for used tanks. I have a '98 tank on my '01 WR that I got for $50 and an SDG seat new for $80. what is a bk mod ?
  3. thejefferson1

    wr 426

    i mean she gets up and moves good but expected a little more out of the bike im comparing it to my buddies kaw 450 . I think there is a little more there what up with the grey wire?
  4. thejefferson1

    wr 426

    . Runs good starts 1st or 2nd kick every time but.... seems to be lacking in power a bit for what i expected. I was wondering a few things maybe carb issues. I ride mostly in northern michigan so where should i have the mixture screw i think its at 2.5 out right now . Also i heard you can change something from the yzf 426 to the wr to make it come to life Maybe the throttle stop ?. I also see some of the guys talking about the grey wire and the tps ... anything would help thanks