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  1. I just recently purchased a 97 XR400, and I cant seem to get it to idle. I have cleaned and cleaned the carb. It wouldnt idle at all when I got it, but now it wants to but seems to "hiccup" a bit when idlen and then sometimes it dies. Another question is when I rev the motor or pull out, seems that the throttle is gettin stuck, but it isnt. I have taken the carb off several times and watched the plunger, and removed the air box with the carb mounted runnin and not runnin and it still does this, plunger falls all the way even with cable unhooked. I am a little rough whe it comes to carbs. Please someone help me asap, I am dieing to take her for a spin in the mtns.
  2. I found it right after I posted this. Man, it doesnt seem like the head nut is very tight to me. Seems like it shuld be atleast 80 or so.
  3. I recently rebuilt my 2003 CRF450R. The clymers manual calls for 39Nm on the head nuts. Can anyone tell me what this is in english, like ft/lbs?
  4. Ok, how would I go about checkin for the warped head. I have been riding the bike for a total of about an hour or so after the rebuild over the last week, and it ran great til this evening. I stretched it legs a bit, nothing major, and when I pulled in the drive thats when a buddy came over and told me when I pulled in that it started smokeing a little. Then when I restarted it, I goosed the throttle a bit to clear its throat a bit, and it looked like it coughed up a lung, lol! What gasket would you fellas run, OEM? I am gonna go ahead and replace the head gasket and the base gasket since I am gonna be down about that far.
  5. Actually according to everyone that I have ever talked to, black is rich, white is lean, or burning coolant, and blue is oil. I have rebuilt several of my own motors and always use a touch of oil to lubricate the cylinder and have never had any problems. But I am having the same issue that this fella is now on this crf. Did you ever figure it out?? I know its like 5 yrs later, lol, but anyhelp would be great.
  6. Just curious to what jets everyone is running with the Yoshimura TRC full system. I havent even looked at mine. Just got it running the other day, and been just puttin around a bit, what little bit it will let me. I am having idleing issues at the moment. It runs great, starts easy, but will not idle at lower rpm's. I can turn the screw and idle really high, or turn it til it sounds like its gonna idle and it dies. I am thinking that whoever put the pipe on the bike, never fooled with the carb. Can anyone tell me where I could find some info on where to start with jetting, needle, air screw and so forth. Thanks guys, again for bailing me out.
  7. I know white smoke normally is more tean a lean issue, but it smells like antifreeze. I didnt check the level this evening before I put it up because it was hot. I plan on checkin the anitifreeze level tom and see whats goin on. I bought one of the cheaper head gaskets from ebay and am actually thinking, that the old saying you get what you pay for, well, I believe it. I am thinking that I have blowed the head gasket. Plan on pulling it all apart before the weekend. When it idles its actually not that bad. But when you throttle it, its pretty thick, and I did notice that when it started doing this it takes a few extra kicks to start it. I just put everything back together on the motor. No oil leaks whatsoever, so the cheaper gasket kit wasnt a lost cause I reckon. But any info would be great, thanks guys in advance for passing along some knowledge.
  8. Yeah, I kinda noticed that too, about the clear, but if you shine a flashlight on it its a bit freaky lookin. Like only pieces of a header, lol!
  9. LOL! Well I actually rode it for about an hour today, and boy if this thing isnt totally different from a 250 2 stroke. Everyone always told me the ol 250 2 strokes would smoke the 450 4 strokes, well after owning a RM250, and a YZ250 that run like scalded cats, I call BS. This CRF will absolutely rip. Honestly I dont see how you can actually control all that power. Which I do need a back tire. My buddy that has a 08 CRF450R told me today that a new tire would help a bit, but then when it actually does get some traction, you cant hold the front end down. This bike is awesome though IMO. So far I love it. I went from a TT350 back in the day, CR250, to a RM250, to a YZ250, and now to this CRF450R, and all that I can say is, holy crap, what a machine.
  10. Ok guys, I figured the clutches out. I had the lock nut that holds the clutch housings on way to tight. I must have turned the torque wrench or something, so now the clutches work flawlessly. Thanks for all input though.
  11. I do know that when I got the bike, of course it wasnt running, but I "COULD" put it in gear and roll it with the clutch in, with minimal friction, now, you cant budge the darn thing. I am going out now to pull the cover off so I can see if I see anything. Thanks frank for the input.
  12. Thats what I was thinking too, I am gonna ride it a bit tom and get some air flowin thru radiators and I guess just see what happens. If I can get my clutches lined out anyways. Thats for the input though lead!!
  13. Whats the deal with the header pipe on these things, I started it at night time and was fine tuning the carb to where it runs great, starts easy, idles great after it warms up, but the header pipe started glowing within minutes. I am not sure if this is an issue with the YOSHIMURA TRC full system or what. Water pump works perfect, oil pump works perfect. So what else could make it run a little hot? Or is it even running hot, and I am just being paranoid? I know the motor gets pretty daggon hot after about 5-10 mins running setting still, is this common on these 450R's? I have talked to several people about this issue but all seem to say its normal, I just dont want to take any chances because I have a pretty penny tied up in the motor. I have replaced everything from the top end with new oem parts, including cylinder, down to the tranny bearings and even an oem crank. Everything seems to be working as it should. Even runnin liquid ice antifreeze in it.
  14. Well, I finally got it all back together and filled with fluids, and starting great running great. I tried to put it in gear tonight and noticed that when I put it in first gear, its like the clutch isnt even pulled in, whats up with this? I actually even tried adjusting the cable to where the slack was completely out of the cable and everything was actually too tight on the cable, tried it again, and its like nothing is happening. So then I layed the bike over and removed the clutch cover, and pulled the lever and you can actually see the center hub coming out. So did I put something in the clutch wrong or am I just missing something?
  15. Ok fellas, I have an update. Went out this morning, and actually rem how I use to start my ol 04 TRX450R. I find the hardest part in the kick stroke, feather the throttle a few times, and within 3 kicks, shes runnin, everything sounds good, what I can hear over the Yoshimura TRC. I guess I was just tired last night. I did notice, that it doesnt idle all that great, which I havent run it long enough to warm it up yet, and that there is a slight chirping noise when throttled, that I dont rememeber from the ol TRX. What could this be?