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  1. so heres the deal i hate to beat this to death but i cant find any help on already posted forums or on 4strokes.com so i'm going to ask again. i have a 2006 drz400e it has a Uni Filter, full yosh pipe (header, mid, and muffler) i did a DJ jet kit the way that it recommends with the snorkle out and coast incher on. it says to do a 140 main and the needle on the third from the point. and i turned the screw out 1 turn like it says. now when the bike idles and its warm i hit full throttle and it bogs then dies if i hold it. so i put the needle all the way to the bottom put the snorkel back in and put a 144 main and trying to tune with the screw but i just have to back it out farther and farther and doesn't correct the problem. i'm at a loss here i dont want to run to rich and fowl plugs but i dont want to run lean. i need some recomendations and fast i'm starting to get pretty pissed ha ha thanks