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  1. sluginxlt

    clean dipstick/dirty oil

    my xr400 i just bought has the oil in frame, i checked the dipstick and oil looks clean as new. I was concerned with the engine tempature so i checked the oil filter and it was pretty dirty with dirty oil, i then got a new filter and did an oil change. i am unsure how this oil system works so is that normal to show up clean as new on the dipstick when the oil is actually dirty black when drained or does this mean something is clogged up somewhere and the oil isnt moving around like it should? i was baffled when i drained that black oil when i just checked the clean dipstick seconds before!
  2. sluginxlt

    my 400 seems to run hot....?

    i was kind of thinking thatg the exhaust baffle caused the problem, i would think it flows more than stock but then again i am no engineer and that was just my wild gas. the jetting seems to be about right reading *gordons mods* and the plug color looked fine so it may just be that darn baffle some hillbilly put in there
  3. sluginxlt

    my 400 seems to run hot....?

    i got the plug off once the tank was off and it didnt look white at all to me and it was the correct plug. Without the socket my fat hand cant get down to the plug lol. also to the carb off and jetting is 158 and 60. does that sound right for a uni/ removed snorkel, and my homemade baffle? i also checked oil filter as mentioned above and it was in right direction but pretty dirty. i dont understand the oil on dipstick looks new but when i drained oil its very black and dirty. i appriciate all the help as i plan to ride it on some orv trails with my brother this weekend.
  4. sluginxlt

    my 400 seems to run hot....?

    should have mentioned the homemade baffle was in for the ride when i thought it was extremely hot. tried using my brothers plug tool from his xr250 but cannot get the plug and tool out of the frame when loosened
  5. sluginxlt

    need to quiet down my xr400

    well for now i came up with this consisting of a universal motorcycle baffle i had lying around, a small exhaust reducer from oreilly's for a tight fit into the muffler opening, one washer welded shut on the inside and a washer at the tip to close the opening size a little bit with a peice of welding rod acrossed the washer so it can be grabbed with pliers to pull out of the tight fit. it shut it up quite a bit but also does not sound like a stock bike, im happy with it. i would geuss this is still alot more free flowing than stock baffle from the pictures ive seen
  6. sluginxlt

    my 400 seems to run hot....?

    do i have to remove the carb to check the jet sizes? they are both visible when bowl is removed right? im gonna check the plug for color and make sure its the right one as soon as my brother brings over the honda plug wrench.The bike has a uni filter and came with stock exhaust with the baffle removed but i made this to put in there the next day to shut it up a little bit
  7. sluginxlt

    my 400 seems to run hot....?

    im in the wayne country detroit area.
  8. sluginxlt

    my 400 seems to run hot....?

    the 97 xr400 i just bought seems to run really hot compared to my xr250. just a few passes up and down the block and the side covers and everything else are really hot on this thing when my 250 in the same time will just be warm and the frame on the 400 where the oil runs gets just as hot. staring to worry me, also sounds loud on the bottom end of engine compared to my 250. I dont know if its just because they are different engines or there is something wrong with it. not really sure how to check or compare it to anything. any ideas what to do besides ride it until it blow up?HAHA
  9. sluginxlt

    welded swing arm ok?

    well i texted previous owner and said that weld was just holding on a piece of angle for a dune flag, does that look believable? i mean i wouldnt think he has reason to lie and i was asking him if he had another arm from one hes parting out which he does so thats more reason i think he wouldnt lie beacause he could have sold me the other arm lol
  10. sluginxlt

    welded swing arm ok?

    yeah thats what i thought although all othersides have the factory weld it still seems sketchy. i tig weld for my career but i have never done aluminum but my dad does aluminum so ill take it off and have him fix it up. just sucks because im planned to go trail riding next weekend so i need to hurry! if not i think id be ok on the trail but not on the street. like i said it has only been repaired on that outer weld and all other sides are stock weld
  11. sluginxlt

    welded swing arm ok?

    i just picked up a 97 xr400 the other day that seems to be in overall good shape with new plastics a 4gal tank and a street title but i was just looking at it and noticed the swing arm has been re-welded on the outside edge but the other 3 sides have original welds in good shape. my geuss is it hit something and broke the outer weld. just want to get a few opinions from others if this seems safe to ride on the streets. i wouldnt be so worried on the trail but in traffic is what concerns me. this is the hillbilly weld job...
  12. sluginxlt

    need to quiet down my xr400

    it is a stock muffler. i have part number 4 from the chart, i am missing part number 6. i quieted it down just a little with a universal motorcycle baffle but im gonna weld a washer on the end to close the openening size a little and see if that helps also. i like all my bikes to be heard but this thing is headache loud.
  13. sluginxlt

    need to quiet down my xr400

    i just bought a 1997 xr400 today that i plan to ride trails and on the road. something has been done to the exhaust and it is rediculously loud. i like after market exhaust on my road bikes like my shadow 1100 but this thing is headache loud. i tig weld for a living so i could make something to put back in the muffler but i am no engineer and dont want to restrict the bike too much either so any help with ideas or picture would be great.
  14. sluginxlt

    300ex smoking!?

    how do i diagnose if its problem with the cylinder and ring or if its in the valves?
  15. sluginxlt

    Honda 300ex smoking!?

    today me and my brother went out riding for a few hours then he got his 300ex stuck in the mud and was really revving it up high trying to get it out. after a while it started putting out white smoke pretty bad, we went off the trail back to the truck and we check the oil level and it didnt even show up on the dip stick. he said he checked it before we left today and it was on the lower end of the fill marks. it will still start and run ok but it smokes pretty bad. Looking for advice on where to begin to look and diagnose the problem. thanks in advance for your help.