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    ktm starting headack

    no funny nosie, I knew i had a problem about a mile away form home. I just the rpms up and stayed above 30 mph. The one time i got out of it, going down a hill of it started to die becauese i was off the gas. other than that i ran and sounded great. If something like shearing a key happened would it die rate then. I was doing about 60 down the road for about 3 miles. Whats to find out pull the side cover and make sure when the flywheel said tds the piston is at tds.
  2. edsdrag

    ktm starting headack

    checked for cam chain for jumping teeth, the valves stay closed through the hole compression stroke. also changed the spark plug cap. same nothing changed on ether I could still only get a pop or two
  3. edsdrag

    ktm starting headack

    I will check that when I get home. thanks Bike seen very low hours I put most of them on in the last year. still on the oringal factory chain 2ed set of tires in its.
  4. 01 ktm 400 exc On the why home was dieing at low rpms. As soon as it stopped it died wont restart. Good compression had good power, blue spark, cleaned carb. wont even fire on ether starting fluid maybe a pop or two. I cleaned the carb. adjuster the valves, did a leak down test ,new plug, I think timing off. help