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  1. I don't think it would be the crank seal since I had A mechanic put in the new crank. And I put in the correct jets recommended by pro circuit I just went to the site to look what they were since I forget so I may have list the stock ones by mistake.
  2. My 2005 kx 125 is running to rich. Spitting black mist out of tail pipe. Took out the plug and it is wet and black. Where at on the carb do I adjust the air/fuel ratio. And how do I go about doing this. Any tips/info would be greatly appreciated. I have main jets 420, pilot is 20. Have a pro circuit pipe and racing muffler. I just rebuilt the engine piston, rings, and crankshaft. Rode it about 7 hours. Its really rough in the beginning smoking and spraying realy bad but after I ride it and work it through the gears it runs good. I also have a v force reed valve set up
  3. can u help me put the crank in
  4. Crankshaft stuffer what is that?
  5. I took the cylinder sleeve and head to a kawasaki dealer and showed the mechcanic there. he said he didn't have any idea what it was. I took pictures of the piston too. The top end is fine. I don't think the bike has a hot rod crank in it. When i bought the bike it was completly stock. So i'll need tools for the flywheel and splitting the case right? Alsoif i'm putting a new crank in it the only ones i can find are oem performance products I couldn't find anything special.
  6. I have a 2005 kawasaki kx 125 and some plastic junk got into my cylinder melted and seized up. i took it apart and found little white plastic balls in my expansion chamber stuck on my piston head and scattered about underneath my reed cage assembly and in the crankshaft. i noticed that when the piston is at the crankshaft is at the top of it's stroke there is white plastic on the crankshaft. well most of it is gone. what hapend? also where and how much do the tools to take apart the block cost. is it worth doing myself or should i pay to have someone do it for me. any sugestions would be appreciated as soon as possible.