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  1. I guess when I bought it, it had 14/49 gearing so that's why it feels different to me. I'm running a turbinecore2 with a FMF fatty.
  2. I have an 03 as well. It has an FMF pipe and silencer, VForce reeds, and I changed the gearing as well. Probably the biggest thing that helped was the gearing for sure. It gave me more bottom end. That's the first thing I'd do. BTW, I'm running a 13/52 right now.
  3. Sunline's do the same thing for less.
  4. I searched, and couldn't find anything. Anybody know?
  5. I wear a 10.5 in shoes and wear Gaerne SG10's in 9.
  6. brother's got it. wears it over the jersey. Looks good, comfortable.
  7. I couldn't find anything while searching. Anybody know if it will fit?
  8. troy lee hands down.
  9. I just got 13/49 sprockets, stock are 13 48. I just bought a protaper x ring chain. Will the stock 116 links fit?
  10. Hey everyone my brothers 250 sx-f will not kickstart. The kickstarter goes all the way down like it's loose but my brother tightened the bolt and it still won't kick it's just way loose. It has compression as he can bumpstart it but no kickstart.
  11. thanks everybody
  12. do you know what part numbers they are or the names.