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  1. tucker78

    250 East Coast

    Speaking of riders, for some reason i can't seem to find list of probable east coast riders and teams. Could someone please post up this info. Thanks...
  2. tucker78

    Blake Baggett?

    I agree with your assessment and comparison. But, Bagget is still in a great position in the stretch run. Stewart on the other hand, has has typically found himself far out by this point. This 250 class is definately far from being over.
  3. tucker78

    Just in new yami for 14!

    Oh boy, some people have too much time... Even if that were possible with modern servos and fly by wire, it would only complicate the nature of dirt bikes and make the 4stroke machine even heavier. The JGR bikes were said to be 1"5/8 narrower through the tank/rad area. imagine how wide a setup would be. FUGLY!!!
  4. tucker78

    Will Dungey Sweep The Rest of The Season?

    SX has been Stewarts strong point i guess, as he has basically shunned outdoor for many years for reasons unknown. However Stewarts SX perfomances have been far from spectacular the last 4 or so years. A1 to me won't mean much, other than getting the season under way. I would suspect Stewart to go for broke and podium. I won't be able to draw any kind of feel for what he has till at least round 4-5. Honistly, that goes for any of the riders. SX involves so much more luck than outdoors...Dungey will likely be consistant and fast as usual. Dungey is better suited to outdoors where the conditioning plays such a huge role.
  5. tucker78

    James Stewart and the media

    I think he is treated fairly by the media. Sometimes they may given him a bit of slack in the past covering some of his antics due to his popularity and value of the sport. I have never actually talked to him, but have watched him in the pits at Redbud years ago, and again this year. He seems to be a great guy with his fans. I enjoy his interviews, and the comical demeanor he now has. Seems he doesn't take himself so seriously these days, and is more entertaining in many regards. James is in my opinion a very well spoken professional rider, and would likely be fun to hang out with. He's smart enough to realize that now more than ever, need to once again prove his worth on the track. Not just talk the game. Like him or not though, he's still a big asset to our sport.
  6. tucker78

    Dungey @ Redbud

    My thoughts are as of right now, it become very obvious that there's nobody in Dungeys league. It's clear simply because of his domination of the current competition. As fast as Reed, Poto, and Stewart are, i don't think they could keep pace him consistently. Reed is a great competitor, who has a great understanding of what it takes. But, in the end lacks the youth that is required. Stewart to me is more than ever, entering the twilight years of his career. He will have spottie performances, some great, and some dissapointing. Why is this? For a multitude of reasons, but not just as simple as the bike he rides. That is just an easy way to point blame for many fans. I also believe he knows this. Poto is brutally fast and generally composed, and i would suspect a blanket could be thrown over him and Dungey much of the time. But that's purely speculation if he was out there competing. One thing for sure is, next MX season. The field will be stacket with tons of goung guns who are crazy fast. I hope Dungey can stay healthy and ride smart to close things out for KTM in 2012.
  7. I consider myself lucky to have arguably the best outdoor track in America only 50 miles from my house. With that said, i have gone to the this race every year since i was a kid starting in 87. Seen alot of great riders, and fantastic battles over the years. But today however belonged to these two guys. Bagget seems to have a switch that he can turn on at about the 15min mark and completely take over. Dungey rode in similar fashion. having a short lived battle with Stewart in moto 1, and them Alessi in moto 2. I've never witnessed such a beatdown at Redbud in both classes in my lifetime. Dungey and Bagget were on a level today that made everyone look poorly prepared and out of shape. I payed particular attention to Stewart, and he had many close calls throughout the day. Starting out with qualifying. He looked very tight at times, and very out of control at others. There were times in moto 2 when he didn't even jump Laroccos. He seems to be a confused rider at this time. Bagget did however jump laroccos for the first 2 laps of moto 2. Then did the normal sequence after that. Those Payton engines are amazingy powerful, and on the straight sections it's pretty clear, they really do out-horsepower the rest of the field. Can't wait till next year.
  8. tucker78

    Dungey A Phoney Champ

    my question is how many sx will he win? i don't by any thought believe it will ever be done but it would be pretty funny to see a perfect season in sx... that would shut the haters up pretty good. i just worry for TT if that happens! Really? I can honistly say this is something i would never openly say about JS7 considering where he is in his career. I've got a funny feeling those left handers are gonna feel a bit smaller than usual this upcoming SX season. Lota crafty veterans, and some hungry freshman that thrive on checkin'. James will without question get his pride hurt by round 4, and shortly thereafter, begin to unravel.
  9. tucker78

    Stewart to return at RedBud!

    I agree that James can, and has historically been a hazard to other riders when he is in a position that requires him to move throught traffic. However when he is in the lead, he is of no harm to anyone else. I'm sure the strategy of the Dungey camp has gone through the scenarios, and has Ryan riding a safe rest of the season. There's a very good chance that James may in fact win out... But in the end, they will still be hollow victories and have very impact on the big picture. Can't wait to be at Redbud and watch James in person again "been along time". He still is one of my favorite current riders to watch in amazement at the things he can do. He will still win many races untill his retirement. But as i've said many times, he will never again win a championship.
  10. tucker78

    js7 out for buds creek.

    Alessi will never beat Dungey in points at the end of a full MX season. Alessi is doing exactly what he has always done... He fades out. Stewart will never again win another "TITLE" in pro MX or SX. Barcia will beat Stewart on occasion next SX season. But Stewart will not be able to complete yet another full season, and Barcia will out point him. Dungey is a very special rider, and one that only comes around every once in a while. His value of a factory rider may infact be higher than anyone else, due to his ability to stay healthy and ride smart, and be consistent.
  11. tucker78

    125 Two Stroke Pro National

    Ha, who cares. It was once again Hondas brainchild of building a cheater bike so they could sell their 4stroke only campaign, and try and ruin the kids classes with their greed.
  12. tucker78

    outdoor champion prediction

    Agreed 100%, and has been proven by a track record that can't be disputed. Phenominal speeds, great qualifying, and great early season riding. But, as some us understand. " and some refuse to accept" This is a marathon sport, which is in large part a battle of attrition. Pretty sure i can figure out how this one ends. Weather or not JS7 is collecting a paycheck or not doesn't really matter. He is proving that he is who many thought he was, by beating himself once again.
  13. I agree, the outdoors have taken a huge hit to the talent pool in the big class. The track owners can't be happy about that. While it's true that this sport has never been considered anything but extremely dangerous. In recent years there has become a huge problem with the progression of it. Everyone wan't "extreme" This isn't FMX. But they try to cross referance them alot and draw from the same pool. Bikes are capable of carrying to much speed these day, and the accidents are becoming more horrific because of it. This isn't just cooincidence. The AMA better cap the displacement, and allow 2 strokes the opportunity to become competitive again. I've been involved it this sport for 25 years. Lately however, i feel the AMA and it's promoters could care less about what the ticket buyers want, and taking more precautions for rider safety. 450's indoors has become completely out of hand, and should be limited to 350cc max. All they want is our cash.
  14. tucker78

    js7 is leaving jgr according to pulp!

    Proof...Oh yeah, i forgot. The word was out 12 days ago. Guess JGR forgot to have a press conference again. It's obvious Stewart is gonna be fired. We've known this for over a month. But again, i can assure those" insiders" and "texters" don't control the legal aspect of things. Which is why JGR has the upper hand being the employer.
  15. tucker78

    js7 is leaving jgr according to pulp!

    Two weeks from tomorrow is the day of truth for the fastest man on the planet. Will he show? Will he fail his dwindling fanbase again? Will he show up on this mysterious Suzuki that so many have him on, and ride away with the championship like many believe? With as much texting and communication from the Stewart camp as some people claim they have, wouldn't ya think we'd have some factual info from the JGR camp? Realize this, JS7 has evolved into the toughest person in all of MX to deal with, and manage for many reasons. Talk is cheap, and JGR holds the trump card as to weather he races or not. JGR's money makes Stewarts fortune seem like chump change, and with that comes some of the best lawyers who if provoked can hold what's left of his riding career in limbo for quite some time. Stewart is finding out that he pissed on the wrong bowel of wheaties. Bubbas world, IT AINT.......