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  1. DPX209

    What kind of chain should I get

    Regina ORN6
  2. DPX209

    Looking at a Honda.

    I have an 08 crf450. Love the bike, zero problems. My riding buddy has an 08 yz450f, and its also a really good bike. In the range your looking at, I would say the 07 or 08 honda 450 - close to same bike, very realiable, does most everything well, forks on 08 are little harsh stock, but easily fixed. Or the 08, 09 yamaha 450 , good suspension, bullet proof motor, great bikes, just needs an aftermarket slip on to wake it up since the stock can is very restrictive. Can't go wrong with either of these.
  3. Did you keep the adjuster from spinning with the end cap while screwing it down? If not, the rebound adjuster can be screwed in tight and get jammed. ( I know cause it happened to me.) It's fixable though, not broken.
  4. Here is a homemade tool that theDogger made for your purpose. http://www.thumperta...80#entry8458980
  5. DPX209

    Fix for 08 Forks

    If you want to do it yourself, just go here http://www.thumperta...nsion-re-valve/
  6. DPX209

    Best year crf

    Yes, the front forks seem to be harsh from the factory. Many are changing the spring in midvalve of the 08 to an 07 spring or factory connection lighter spring along with valve changes. My bike was already re-valved from factory connection when I bought it so can't really give opinion versus stock. I found mine with about 50 hrs on it for 3100$, look on bikefinds and can see lots of em, though many still want 3500-4000. Pic of mine http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/525824-pics-of-your-450/page__view__findpost__p__10148073
  7. DPX209

    Best year crf

    I just got on 08 crf450 about 2 months ago, and it is fantastic. Came off an 06 yz450 (great motor, terrible turning), and this honda is far superior, imho. If you go with yz, get the 08-09 (ridden my friends 08 many times, good bike but will need aftermarket exhaust). Plan on keeping my 08 crf for a long time.
  8. DPX209

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    I could use some advice on current springs. Recently picked up an 08 crf450, previous owner had it revalved/sprung at factory connection. He is approx 200 lbs, they put 5.8 rear spring and .48 front. I weigh 170-175 without gear. Set sag yesterday at 105mm, but then static sag came out to 47mm. Suspension feels pretty good while riding, went 2-3 clicks out from the suggested settings on compression (limited time so far, about 3hrs) . I know the springs are probably a little heavy for me, so another opinion and suggested spring rates would be greatly appreciated. I ride only mx, vet 30+ or C class, can hit the big jumps. Thankyou, Dpx209
  9. DPX209

    Pics of Your 450....

    Just picked up this 08 450 on Wed. Off blue, ridin red now.
  10. DPX209

    Coolant disappearing act

    The level drops below the top of fins that can be seen, needs quite a bit more than 1/4 cup to refill.
  11. Need some advice on tracking down a coolant leak. I have an 06 yz450 which has started losing coolant somewhere. Here is situation : coolant needs topping off 2-3 times a day at the track, no visible signs of leaks, no coolant in oil last time changed, can not smell coolant being burnt coming out of exhaust, and I tried another radiator cap already and didn't change anything. Any advice before I pull the head would be appreciated.
  12. DPX209

    06 to 08 frame swap

    I have an 06 and my friend has an 08, sure would like my turning to be more like that. Did your swap have noticeable improvement?
  13. DPX209

    First moto fade

    I have a big problem in first motos. I start the moto strong, but very quickly develop arm pump and fade in speed (around lap 2 or so). Second moto this doesn't happen, can run pretty strong thru the 4-5 laps. Any advice from others who have gone thru this would be great.
  14. DPX209

    06 yz450f no spark

    I had the same thing happen to me, running one minute, stop and then no spark. Do the ignition system test (as per manual). Check coil resistance, cdi resistance, source coil 1 and 2 resistance. My bet is source coil will fail the test, which will mean a new stator. That was what happened with mine.