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  1. Of all the bikes I have/have had, I have to agree with this! The smile factor is big!
  2. Yes, they will fit. I just put the stock rotors from my 2010 yz250f on my 2006 yz125.
  3. I am, and honestly I cant tell much difference.
  4. The 06-09 yzf 250 fender is the same as the wr fender. Here's what youre looking for:
  5. Cycra makes the fender that you are looking for, for your bike.
  6. Gasoline.
  7. Hey, thats me in the black hoodie in the second picture! Eggs benedict!
  8. whichever side panels they sell at decal works fit my 08 wr250f perfectly. Rear fender I went with OEM from motosport. Cycra front fender fit perfectly.
  9. As a 40-something, I think Im just going to go ride the track and have fun the best I can. Im not going to be clearing 100 footers, but Im not going to be a 20-something again either. I accept it. But you know, its still a helluva lotta fun being a slow 40-something out there. When you see the slow guy out there, thats me, come say hi!
  10. Im 44, its good to know that Im not the only one out there in this situation.
  11. too cool, that looks like a blast!
  12. If you find one in any other color than blue I would like to know. I have searched everywhere with no luck.
  13. Glad it went well. Im glad to hear that you were tough through it all. Surgeries scare the shit out of me. Hope you recover well, go riding, and live a good quality of life!
  14. DNA is sending me bearings, crush tube and spacers. The front wheel is already installed, Im excited to get the rear wheel on my bike! Theyre sporting new MX51's too!
  15. I just want to add that I got a response from DNA today and they are sending me the parts to make this wheel work on my bike. I just want to give credit where credit is due, they have great customer service.