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  1. Loving it. Thanks for the gratitude perspective, its easy to take things for granted sometimes!
  2. It's been a fairly lengthy ride. Great weather, the drz is running superb. Things couldn't be better. Everything is right with the world. You get off the bike, and experience the post-ride floaty feeling. Anyone have a good way to describe this to someone who doesn't ride?
  3. Thanks for all your help tonight, I'll call the mechanic when they open in a few hours and let you know what I find out. The mechanic still says the stator is OEM, but now he is changing his story on the wiring. He didn't repair anything, but a pin was loose in the connector and he just pushed that back in far enough to get a good connection. (the invoice they made for me says "installed new stator and repaired wiring"). So according to him, the wiring from the stator to the cdi is all oem, as seen in the picture above. He also said a loctite was used on the bolts. I haven't done the free power mod and I don't think the previous owner has either since I cant see any extra wires going to the battery. I havn't checked all ground wires and connections where do I start with that? Continuity check from black to frame, check for twelve+ volts at red?
  4. Any idea what's going on here? this may be the damage after all, what with the electrical tape.
  5. Well. The one day of a working motorcycle was nice. good thing I enjoyed it while it lasted. Can anyone recommend a mechanic that is at least halfway competent near Utah?
  6. Just noticed this discoloration when I got home from work. How concerned should I be? ??? I don't even have an impact screwdriver to get the cover off to get to the bolt to get the stator cover off. i'm lost.
  7. On the one hand the bike runs great so I'm hesitant to open it back up, especially with my limited experience. On the other I am nervous about why it wasn't working, then is.. did he simply splice some wires and call it good? It seems like the stator cover gets really hot. Not absurdly hot, but noticably hotter than the other side of the engine. Could that have anything to do with a 'repaired' wire? Also everything external looks fine so whatever the problem was is internal. They told me the stator was OEM, they said it was ordered OEM from suzuki, and they charged me for OEM. However, I never saw it and cannot confirm that they did not in fact use an aftermarket one and pocket the difference.
  8. Stator yes, CDI no. $575 parts and labor. Tough to swallow for a bike I've owned only a year. I agree, it sounded like the mechanic damaged the wiring when putting the cover back on and didn't want to admit it. But I just took it for a ride, and despite the rain it felt great!!
  9. Good news the mechanic solved the problem, and just in time too as I was going to pick up the bike in the next few days regardless. Damaged wiring near the stator that he neglected to check when he installed the new one. There was never anything wrong with the cdi. I probably wont be using this dealer again, but i'm just happy my bike is running again. Thanks for all your help- next time maybe a road trip to denver is in order.
  10. I don't have the bike so I cant report on the electrical readings yet. The switches and wiring all seemed to be intact. The starter runs, just doesn't generate spark, my understanding is if the switches (clutch, kill, kickstand) were engaged it wouldn't turn over at all. The dealer ordered and installed new oem parts for both the stator and the cdi, the cdi is for my 's' bike, not the 'e' version. Thanks for the advice.
  11. A few months ago my 2001 drz400s died on my way home from work. I'm not mechanically oriented but I checked the usual maintenance things, fuel/filter air/filter, oil, spark. The spark plug had spark, but it took a few seconds of cranking the starter to get it to spark. I knew I was in over my head so I took it to a dealer, who was sure it was the stator. New stator didn't help, they were sure it was the CDI. New CDI hasn't helped. Since taking it in there has been no spark at all. Any thoughts on what to do next?