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  1. IgorVigor

    FCR Problems

    The idle speed adjuster doesnt even touch the throttle wheel at the moment.... I checked and made sure the pilot jet was clean.
  2. IgorVigor

    Is Free Power Mod a fix or a bandaid?

    Well if the stator fails it doesnt matter.... The free power mod is simply to supply the voltage to the battery that the standard loom wires cant... Its more of a fix from the OEM setup. The standard wires are simply too small for the current flowing, so get hot (and commonly melt the plug) Its well worth doing... Its not hard at all, and the difference is brilliant Mine sits at 14.55v across the rev range...
  3. IgorVigor

    FCR Problems

    Maybe its not sorted.... Its better, but. Sometimes the revs drop back to idle (better when the engines cold) sometimes they dont, but releasing the clutch in gear (or blipping the throttle) will normally drop them back to standard. There are no leaks, and jetting is (just to recap): 165 main (too rich, but will change to 155 or 160 when I can) 200 Pilot Air Jet 45 Pilot Jet 60 Pilot air jet (with CE removed and pipes looped with external 90 jet still fitted) Fuel screw 2 5/8 DXP needle on 4th clip 65 starter jet Any ideas whats causing it? And do you think the 155 or 160 will be the better main jet? DRZ400S 3x3 mod Full DEP system
  4. IgorVigor

    Quick Clock red wire cutting question

    The free power mod is well worth the bit of effort wiring it.... My bike sits at ~14.5v all the time... Even cranking the bike over a lot today (getting the FCR to work nicely) the battery is still good...
  5. IgorVigor

    FCR Problems

    Sorted The slide plate was fitted properly and the o ring thing is fine. All I did was clean the carb again (not that it really needed it), and when I refitted the slide, it seems to sit slightly lower at the same throttle position. And its runs nicely
  6. IgorVigor

    FCR Problems

    Ok, I realise what you mean by the slide plate... You mean the vacuum plate on the slide I will go and take the carb off and have a look.... Where can you get a new vacuum release plate? Suzuki Part number and a rough price would help Remember I am in the UK...
  7. IgorVigor

    FCR Problems

    I'm not sure what you mean by the slide plate... :S I think I will have to take the carb off the bike again It runs nicely, and has loads more power than the Mikuni carb, its just the idle is high... Wouldnt it run rough if the slide plate was broken?
  8. IgorVigor

    FCR Problems

    Hello People... I have got an E model FCR carb for my DRZ S. Specs: Main jet - 165 Pilot Jet - 45 Main Air Jet - 200 Pilot Air Jet - 60 CE Removed, and pipe looped. (90 Air Jet still fitted) DXP needle on 4th clip Starter Jet - 65 Fuel Screw now 2 5/8 turns out. I have taken it for a quick spin, and it goes well... The only problem is the idle. When the engine is cooler, the idle is around 2,500rpm and then once warmed up its around 3,000~3500rpm. Pulling away doesnt need throttle, as it will sit at around 3,000rpm riding along with no throttle... I have a bit of slack in the throttle cable, so its not that sticking. the idle adjuster isnt even touching the throttle wheel at the moment. Any ideas? Thanks....
  9. IgorVigor

    Dyno results, need opinion

    Not sure what BB etc you have done... But was the dyno measured in metric? 55nm is about 40lb-ft and 39kw is 52hp.... Just a thought....
  10. IgorVigor

    Yoshimura RS2 Hole in Exhaust Header

    How old is the exhaust? And did you buy it new? If you did, and its still in warranty, then chase it up. If not, then you should be able to get it welded... I dont know the RS2. Is it stainless steel or titanium? Either way, it should be fixable... As a cheap fix, some metal exhaust wrap tape wrapped around the pipe, and then a jubilee clip over that, directly over the hole should stop the leak temporarily...
  11. IgorVigor

    Diesel powered

    There is a huge following of diesel bikes Triumph Tiger with a smart 800cc 3 cylinder CDI Turbo diesel is a popular one... The indian bike is the Royal Enfield Taurus I believe..... The Yanmar/Greaves/Yanclones/Lombardini/Ruggerini/etc diesel bikes make on average between 8 and 25hp... They are commonly coupled to pre-unit boxes, from Royal Enfields, Ariels, BSA's, Triumphs, etc and although not fast (45~75mph is the normal top speed range), they will do well over 100mpg.... Quite an interest of mine
  12. IgorVigor

    Brand new to the DR-Z but its acting a little goofy

    When it starts doing it, pull the choke out to half... That allows extra fuel into the engine.... (Its an enricher) If that cures the problem, its running lean, as Ken said...
  13. IgorVigor

    petcock substitute

    Its fairly easy to get into the habit of turning the fuel tap off.... I meant simple though, as it hasnt got a diaphragm, or require vacuum etc....
  14. IgorVigor

    petcock substitute

    The UK model bikes had manual petcocks up until 2005 ish.... Its much nicer really, as its simpler and doesnt require vacuum
  15. IgorVigor

    Rejet needed if just fitting an endcan???

    I didnt think you needed to rejet if its only the end can. My bike came with a DEP can, with stock jetting, airbox and filter. And ran as it should. Its only when you mod the airbox and/or full exhaust (the header is restrictive), that you need to rejet....