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  1. robfromga

    How to turn a 04 Cr250 into a MX specific machine?

    Yep, suspension. I don't care how much you weigh, factory suspension is a trade off and on any cr, its at least 5 years old. Its comical how folks spend money on all kinds of stuff but never bother the most important spot of the bike
  2. robfromga

    Is A 2T More Difficult To Ride Than A 4T?

    Since your not making the b group at Loretta's ask which one is more fun. A smoker by leaps and bounds.
  3. robfromga

    How to turn a 04 Cr250 into a MX specific machine?

    Really do any of you guys actually ride ? The stock carb sucks. Sucks. 1 year old suspension is fried,let alone 8-10 year old stuff. You've never had your stuff set up for your weight and riding style if you think the stock stuff is good enough, cause no stock suspension is good, its all a trade off. The act of turning a MX bike requires a clutch,hell just riding requires slipping to keep the power up. Ain't rocket science!
  4. robfromga

    How to turn a 04 Cr250 into a MX specific machine?

    From your vast experience, how many bikes have you altered the port timing ? Or are you again just regurgitating others internet advice?
  5. robfromga

    How to turn a 04 Cr250 into a MX specific machine?

    Dremel tool tuning kings !!! Check the squish, mill what you have to. Junk your carb and get the pwk from the 2000, direct swap. It did kill a little of the top but made way up for it in tunability and low end. I ride the top of the rev and it didn't mess anything up. Send the suspension off to your guy, I don't care what you weight, 10 year old stuff is toast, you know the gig.
  6. robfromga

    Help 2002 CR250 Carb Trouble

    I know you've said before, but the pwk would save you so much time and effort. You will get the tmx to run,but the weather will change,just a little, and you'll be right back screwing around. But God bless ya for trying!
  7. If you spent a third of the time riding, as you do dicking around you'd be a soilid "D" rider
  8. robfromga

    2010 CRF450 Plastics on 02-07 CR250

  9. robfromga

    High Idle When Deccelerating

    If that carb is working correctly, and you leaned out your jetting,your right crank seal is toast. Air test the motor
  10. Don't waste your breath, homeboy has white spoke covers. All show,no go.
  11. robfromga

    Sell me your Stock Silencer?

    I can email some pics, no idea if its worth. Trade?
  12. robfromga

    Sell me your Stock Silencer?

    I've got an 02, will it fit?
  13. robfromga

    Powersports Plus carb prices

    I changed the nozzle on mine. Did make it better. But as soon as the weather changed it went haywire ....again.
  14. robfromga

    Help removing needle from carb on 03 cr250

    There are so Moe Moe's out there.
  15. robfromga

    Powersports Plus carb prices

    That nozzle doesn't for what the pwk does,at all.