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  1. Have you tried Gutsracing.com ? they do comfort seats, I'm seriously thinking about getting one for my road-going WR
  2. BigBanger

    2009 WR 450 Axle bearings

    When fitting a new bearing I prefer to only hit the outer race edge of the bearing, also use a socket to drift it in squarely. A press is an even better idea.
  3. BigBanger

    Headlight switch for 2009 Yamaha WR450F

    A relatively simple way to do it would be to fit the right hand switchgear from an R6 or Diversion. You would have the kill switch/start button and lights on/off all on the one unit.
  4. BigBanger

    how to get the engine to start faster

    I'm sure its to allow the motor to spin up before introducting a spark (ok its my guess) I have done this mod and love it but on one occasion I hit the start button and the motor briefly turned before locking up a bit like a hydraulic lock I relased the start button and tried again and it fired instantly. This could also be due to the fact I have a smaller battery and it was a cold start but it never happened before I did the mod.
  5. BigBanger

    how can I put a key ignition on my wr450f?

    Finally got round to completing the dash and lighting mods it makes it so much user friendly for the daily commute. Also fitted a neutral light
  6. BigBanger

    how to get the engine to start faster

    I tried this mod today and it does indeed work, it certainly helps when the battery is a bit low in this cold weather. cheers
  7. BigBanger

    Hands going numb

    Nothing like digging up an old thread! but I want to replace the grips on my 08 WR and was wondering what the standard rubber compound is? it seems quite soft. Can anyone recommend any grips, soft black full waffle pattern?
  8. BigBanger

    Almost no-hours '07 WR450 FOR $3000.00

    There is no odometer that stores the total milage covered just a resettable trip meter at least that seems to be how mine works...
  9. BigBanger

    how can I put a key ignition on my wr450f?

    I'm looking to fit a key switch to my 08 wr450f and notice a popular choice is to use the switch from a 2005 ttr125e, which I would prefer. Ive seen some pictures of the switch and it looks like its fitted to a mounting bracket. Can anyone tell me is the bracket utilised or does it come off of the main switch body? Another way to do it would be to use a simple 4-wire key switch. They are very cheap to buy and have got to be better than the original one that is starting to give up on me... I'd also like to wire in a red ignition light like whats on the original on/off switch, it would be great to see some more pics of dash or main key switch fitted that any of you guys have got...
  10. BigBanger

    my new 2010 WR450

    Hi Rob, Is that a key operated ignition switch and did you fit it? does that Vapor speedo clock illuminate like the Yam one does? Cheers Ian