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  1. phorrigan

    JT Racing Gear!

    I always buy the previous year's gear. If you're in the Columbus, OH area Iron Pony Motorsports sells last season's jerseys for $12 and pants for $25. I can't believe what companies charge for the latest pants and jerseys. The crazy color schemes make me have seizures on the trails and crash!!
  2. phorrigan

    Have I been Sucker?

    Thanks for all your input. I feel like I can trust the shop!
  3. I had a new rear tire put on my rim at a shop. When I got it they said that they put it on backward but it won't make a difference in performance. There is an arrow on the side of the tire that's pointing the wrong way. Is it a directional tire? I'm a novice at dirt biking so I took their word. Have I been suckered that they didn't feel like taking the tire off and correcting their mistake or will it actually work fine as is? It's an intermediate tire. Thanks for your help for someone who needs it!! Paul
  4. Hello Riders, Wayne State Forest in Ohio is cracking down on drinking and safety gear due to fatalities stemming from last riding season. They're checking for helmets, eye protection, and setting up sobriety check points on random parts of the trails. Hopefully you're already following these rules, but if you're not you'll eventually get nailed. They'll impound your ride for drinking and a DUI goes on your driver's license!! Ride Safe!
  5. phorrigan

    Sobriety Check Points

    Hello Riders, Wayne State Forest in Ohio is cracking down on safety gear and drinking. They're checking for helmets, eye protection, and setting up sobriety check points on the trails. Hopefully you're already protected and aren't drinking and driving like a fool would. If you have friends breaking these rules tell them they will get nailed sooner or later at Wayne Forest.
  6. phorrigan

    300,000 Members!!!!!!

    Thanks for the help when I need it TT!
  7. Hi Everyone, Has anybody found a decent quality helmet camera for under 100.00? Thanks for your help! Paul
  8. I loosen the screws enough that if a rock comes from underneath the whole clutch or brake unit will just be rotated up and I just push it back down into position around the handlebar.
  9. phorrigan

    Can old gas be revived?

    Thanks guys. I'll dispose of it and start fresh for the season!!
  10. I have a chipped bone in my left elbow and torn tendons and a torn ligament in my right knee. I learned the hard way. Anybody who rides hard knows that protection is a lot less that hospital bills!!
  11. Your 125 is fine. I love 2 strokes! The smell of the exhaust and the high pitch whine of the engine aren't around the trails enough nowadays. I find throat punches work well for the nonbelievers!
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm brand new to the bike game. I was just given a 5 gallon gas can with about 3 gallons of gas in it that's been sitting around since last summer. Is there a addative to revive old gas and make it good again or should I just dispose of it and get new gas? Thanks for your help, Paul
  13. I made a fork brace so I don't compress my front forks when I travel long distances. I measured the height from the front tire to the front fender when the bike was on a stand. Question is, should I have measured the height when the bike was sitting on the ground and had some compression pushing down naturally on the forks? If I use the brace will the upward force of it blow my seals. Should I cut the brace down an inch or so? Thanks for your help!!
  14. I wear them over because it's more comfortable. If anybody on a trail is judging your attire they don't have a life.
  15. Here's a good post I tried that gets out regular scratches. Instead of throwing it out (the plastic), I take some 400 grit sandpaper and wet sand it, even the graphics. Then I use a 1000 grit sandpaper and wet sand everything again. Then I wet sand again with 2000 grit sandpaper. Next I use some plastic polish (the stuff I use is called Novus plastic polish) and buff the whole thing until it shines. It took me about 20 minutes to do this fender, and it ended up looking brand new. I then used some car wax on it to keep dirt from sticking, though its appearance did not really change when the wax was added. Here it is after, if it weren't for the scratches where the color is missing on the scott goggle sticker, you couldn't tell that this fender was used.