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  1. Thanks all. It was the contact of the starter switch - the screw inside the casing holding the starter contact points in place was loose, which meant the starter needed to be pushed in further than was possible in order to make a clean connection...
  2. Good idea - will try and jump start it to see whether it starts any better. The battery is compatible as best I know!
  3. Hey all, Hoping you can point me in the right direction. DRZ400sm starting experience is dire. first the set-up: 2007 DRZ400SM, NA model - with 3x3 airbox mod, FCR Carb and MRD exhaust. Brand new battery - YT7B-BS This issue presented itself at the end of last season. The experience: Turn key in ignition, headlight and dash light come on. Kickstand up, kill switch out. Clutch in. Hit the starter button... Head Light goes off. Nothing happens... Try again... This time the bike almost starts (the engine is partially turned over) but then it is like the starter power supply is interrupted. It dies mid crank. Try again... Cranks fine, bike starts. I thought at first this might be an electrical problem with the starter button not contacting properly... I haven't yet investigated - wondering if one of you could start me off? Best Regards, Ben.
  4. Amazing difference, I had read somewhere "don't believe the hype" but this was worth the cash, the bike pulls strongly all the way through the throttle range - I can't believe how perky it is at 120kmph. It is very loud - but I like it Thanks again, great suggestions for parts - made my bike even more fun. Loving it!
  5. mrd pipe, 3x3, carb all in... carb needs moving a little as the fuel petcock(?) is in the way of the mini choke. I can live with that for now! This site has been a huge help - thanks Thumper Talk!!!
  6. Thanks Carb is in, all boots in place, clamped - there are half mm gaps between edges of boots and faces of "bits" (carb, engine, airbox). I will swap out the exhaust then turn it over. The only thing on my mind is whether or not the "NOT needed airjet" is still in place. I did check last night and there appeared to be nothing in the hole, although I'm wondering now if it is really buried and requires a pair of needle nose pliers to grab the arse end of it. Hmmm- we will see
  7. I have in my possession an FCR carb and an MRD exhaust Have found lots of useful information on fitting them, I don't notice too many gotchas, so fingers crossed the old carb comes out easily and visa versa for the new one. I will post how it goes here - hopefully painlessly!
  8. Yes I had heard that too although I believe you can get a quiet insert for all the mrd exhausts - so if it blows my ears off then I'll opt for that - also, all I see/hear around here are HD riders tearing up the peace with their after market pipes
  9. mrd pipe and FCR carb are shipping sometime in the next week or so I gave all my details to Eddie's people so I think it will come jetted for the pipe and carb - SOO looking forward to having a tinker and then taking the thing for a ride, plus summer is finally here!!! what a wet spring!!! Gah!!!
  10. Very cool... so here it goes, the to do list: 3x3 airbox mod Install FCR Carb New exhaust. Thanks Razor To be honest I didn't really need a push, just needed to hear it. Cheers! Ben.
  11. Now as it happens I was thinking about a pipe too!
  12. Thanks! I'm looking forward to it.
  13. Hello! My first post I own a 2007 DRZ 400 SM Black - last season purchase (1st bike), this year I noticed the throttle lag, twist - "pause" - accelerate. So I'm going to install the FCR carb for instant feedback (I assume I can still buy them). My question is this: I must do the 3x3 mod at the same time as the carb install, right? Thanks in advance, what a great forum this site is! Ben.
  14. Hey all, My name is Ben, I'm new to riding and new to Thumpertalk - although I have cruised the site enough to realise this is the place to be when sourcing assistance/information - so thanks for being here. My question stems from a chat with a Suzuki mechanic - I asked him about my chain tension since it has become pretty loose since I started riding it 900km's ago. I've been riding 2up about 30% of the time, so I had wondered if that caused some stretching. I asked the mechanic "should I leave the additional slack in the chain as I ride two up?" - he said yes, after which I asked "so is it okay to ride with the chain this loose when riding solo?" - he said no. Is there a happy middle ground? The chain has approx 2.5" of total slack in it from its midpoint. Thanks, Ben.