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  1. fandrews

    Considering an '05 CRF450R

    I've heard from some knowledgeable people that most valve seats have three angles which have to be cut to match the valves. I was also told (by a knowledgeable race-car engine builder) that some newer race heads have valves and seats with SEVEN angles. I assume that would be for better "flow". As far as I know, the '05 CRF450R has "three angle" seats and valves.
  2. fandrews

    Considering an '05 CRF450R

    SS Kibblewhite valves are fairly inexpensive, but the valve spring kit is over $200. Sending it off to have it professionally rebuilt (including cutting the valve seats).
  3. fandrews

    Considering an '05 CRF450R

    I bought an 05 450R back in 2010. Paid $1800. Had to put new water pump seals and steering stem bearings in it. The 450R is a BEAST. However, last year, it began having starting issues and after doing some research, found out about the "valve problems" with these bikes. Now it's been sitting since last year with the head off while I try to save up $600 to send it (the head) off for rebuilding. I miss my baby! One day (if I can get enough gumption to work some overtime) we'll be together again. These new MX 4 strokes seem to be high maintenance bikes. Not like the old Honda XL80 i used ride when i was a kid.