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  1. tookool

    help with lem

    thanks for your help will check it out and let you know
  2. tookool

    help with lem

    does anyone know where i can get parts for a 2000 lx1 lem my buddy just bought and it needs some work first off is tires cant find 2.50/8 someone put on 3.50/8 and they rub chain need 2.50/8 and does anyone no if ktm parts fit these any help would be great he is going to use this to race in beginner class mx anf flat track
  3. tookool

    suzuki jr 50

    have a 2000 jr 50 looking for suspension upgrade for little guy he is racing it in beginner class and doing awesome it just needs some suspension because he does get air and it bottoms out if i could fixer up a bit till he can ride his obra that would be great
  4. tookool

    Fork oil help

    Does anyone know how much and what weight to put in a 2000 suzuki jr 50 please help local dealer is no help at all
  5. tookool

    2000 suzuki jr 50 fork help

    Is there fork oil or grease in forks of this bike for some reason went to put oil in forks and wouldnt go in grease is coming out of boot dont have a service manual and dealer done here is a waist little guy is racing this bike on flat track and is doing awesome hes only 5 and first year racing have a fmf pipe and power core silencer on it also took out 2nd pilot jet and drilled air cleaner out thinking about shaving head and doing some port and polish if anyone knows any other tips for hopping this bike up it would be great and where i could get a service manual that would be great thanks
  6. tookool

    suzuki jr 50 FORK HELP

    Does anyone know if the forks are filled with fluid or grease dont have a service manual and local dealer is terrible also spark plug gap would like to redo the forks hes is racing it on flat track and doing really well for first year 5 year old already have fmf pipe and pwer core muffler on it drilled air box and going to shave head and do some polish and porting this weekend if anyone knows any other tricks it would be great or know where i can get service manual it is a 2000 jr 50 thanks
  7. how do i make my sons jr 50 compete with the other bikes on a flat track course need to make it faster any help would be great thanks