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  1. FMF Q2, good low end torque and 96db
  2. Weimer01

    wat do u guys tink of tis?

    Nope, I was given the run around. At first they said I could get one then the guy had me on hold while he was looking for p/n's. When he got back on the phone he was asking a lot of questions like, "...will this bike ever be in Japan?" (because Dirt Freak owns the design). Then he said the tank would not fit the "American" XR250 and they had their top fabricator try and it just would not work.
  3. Weimer01

    Aftermarket Exhaust xr250

    goatknob, .....Check in with TT and see if they can locate one for you, when I purchased mine I was told there were only four left in the US. The FMF p/n is for a 250, you had me thinking they may have sold me an XR400 model. .....In regards to the header, its stock. I've polished (literally) and opened up the restrictive welds but that's it for the header. Have a look at XR's Only for the header. .....The install wasn't bad at all, the lower mounting on the sub frame was the only problem. In the garage I have posted a pick that shows the lower mount, between the sub frame and muffler I had to stack washers. I have since contacted FMF and they sent another spacer that is used for the upper mount and things are cherry. .....In regards to sound, I haven't had it checked, FMF states its a 96db max muffler. I can't find anyone that has a db meter. It is louder than stock but much quieter than the Gordon'ed muffler.
  4. Weimer01

    wat do u guys tink of tis?

    I think KyKiller used a program to interpret the Japanese site to English. In short the tank holds 25% more fuel without interfering with original rider position
  5. Weimer01

    New Springs Needed? Advice Needed!

    Toby, your correct Would anyone be interested in a file I created (excel doc) that helps with the calculations? It takes American Standard (decimal) and converts to Metric with outputs. Shoot me an e-mail and I'll forward it.
  6. Weimer01

    New Springs Needed? Advice Needed!

    Brentm, 1) How important is it that I change to heavier springs when I have the forks serviced? Stability in braking (no diving), cornering (plants that front wheel), and accelerating (no/less rear swap). 2) What fork spring rate would you recommend for me and what difference will I notice? I think the race tech site recommended about .44 fork springs. I too weigh in at 185lbs, I swapped out to the .44 kg/mm spring rate per Race Tech. Difference: refer to Q 1's reply. 3) From the sag settings, does it appear the shock spring is probably OK for me? 25-30mm is target, with 32mm of sag the rear spring is about right, you stated race sag at 103mm for woods I've seen 100mm recommended by local pro and Race-Tech. I'm running the 11.5 kg/mm rear with ~28mm of bike sag and 100mm of Race sag (3.937"). Also, measure the overall length of the spring there is a minimum measurement for the spring. OEM install length is 7.15", I'd have to research to find the minimum, the installed length was fresh in my mind as I just set the sag on the bike last Wednesday. 4) Any other recommendations as I get the forks serviced? I can afford the basic service (clean, new oil, new seals) and new fork springs if I need them, but a complete re-valve, etc is too expensive. I skipped the re-valve as well due to funding, plus the bike will be handed down to my currently 12 year old son. Never the lesser the spring swap made me a believer in suspension. I just didn't know what I was missing until now.
  7. Weimer01

    Who makes wheels for XRs besides Excel?

    $$$ Excel $$ Pro Wheels ? Warp You'll find that most do not advertise the 18" rear, just call them.
  8. Weimer01

    wat do u guys tink of tis?

    Bringing this back to life for another round, has anyone been able to lock this down. Some previous posts looked promising but nothing was ever posted there after.
  9. Weimer01

    Fork Guards

    .....I took a look at the RSW brace, with the Acerbis set up you may have enough clearance to use both. The brace will need to be moved down a bit in order to clamp the mud skins to the fork tube. .....The next option is to mount the fork guard guide to the RSW brace, again you'll need to lower the RSW brace to clamp the mud skins to the fork tube. .....Heres a tip for the mud skins, apply a thin coat of rubber cement to the inside of the mud skin, about a 3/8" to 1/2" band. Let it dry and reinstall the mudskins. Not only does it prevent the skin from sliding on the fork tube it creates a gasket.
  10. Weimer01

    2004 XR250 Pro Taper Handlebar

    Check the garage for pic's, the "fat bars" reduce the impact that your wrists encounter when hitting the sharp stuff. I took one look at the design and I was sold!
  11. Weimer01

    Trails or MX, what requires more skill?

    jjgixxer, .....Yes I do remember Henry, very good example for this post. For the post: what lead everyone to their decision to ride MX or Trails? .....For me I grew up with woods riding as the trail started down the road from me. The MX track was 45 minutes away, with no mode of transportation it was a little difficult to get there. I purchased (grandmother co-signed a loan) my first bike when I was almost 16 and didn't purchase a truck until I was 18. .....For now when the track is light I'll go out and "practice" MX but my bike is truly a trail bike so I tend to roll the larger jumps and get my fill on the moderate jumps.
  12. Weimer01

    Trails or MX, what requires more skill?

    .....The way I see it, MX is going over obstacles and trail riding is going through obstacles. .....As far as using MX tracks to practice trails...I've never seen a bowl turn in the woods. Then again I've never seen a heavily rooted or rock section on a MX track either. .....Dowd entered a GNCC this year between Motocross events, he placed fourth. On the last lap he was third and just before the finish lost a position. I was hoping to see him on the podium to hear what he had to say about "trail" riding. Regardless, well done Dowd!
  13. Weimer01

    P-DVR as base unit for helmet cam...

    You're correct on the H230 (it was the first one I pulled up) the PVR-A1 & PVR-H140 have the record function with A/V inputs.
  14. .....Is anyone out there using a P-DVR (personal digital video recorder) to capture their helmet cam video? .....I was thinking about using a Mustek PVR-H230 instead of a cam-coder, just wanting some insight.
  15. Weimer01

    Aftermarket Exhaust xr250

    .....Check the garage for the "FMF Q2", I got my low to mid range torque back. I haven’t had many opportunities to pin 6th gear though. (All Gordon's done)