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  1. I've had my X for about a year now and love it for all things off road. Added a TCII, hand guards and a skid plate almost immediately and have ridden everything from tight single track and to wide open Mojave desert. LOVE THE BIKE. I'm new to Motocross riding. Tried the X at some of the local Over the Hill Gang (OTHG) races and practices and didn't have the same experience. The lack of torque down low becomes apparent when coming out of short 180's and trying to clear double or triple table tops. Doubling out was no problem, landing in the triple zone was difficult for me. Difficult for me. I'm not very good at Motocross, but I do have fun practicing ruts and it's very challenging with all the jumps etc. At 45yo I will not be whipping it over jumps any time soon, but I would like a little more UUMMPHHH. In terms of suspension, I cranked up the compression and slowed the rebound in the rear. Works great at my skill level. To start, I was thinking about going up a tooth in the rear to a 51. Maybe a 52? I would like the set up to be easy to swap out. I don't really want to mess with anything toooooo much. I'm a less is more kind of guy. I love the bike for off road and that's what I'll always ride so I don't want to mess with the formula. Sprocket change? Other suggestions?
  2. Anravqsuh

    Need a little Carb help 2016 YZ250X

    CaptainKnobby thanks for the suggestion. Took off the carb this morning and found that the pin had slid to one side. So the question for anyone who has had this issue, what's the fix for this? How do I ensure it won't happen again? Thanks
  3. Anravqsuh

    Need a little Carb help 2016 YZ250X

    Thanks CaptainKnobby I will check this as well. Is this a common problem with this carb?
  4. Anravqsuh

    Need a little Carb help 2016 YZ250X

    Thanks guys Float level or float level hanging? What would cause this? I'll pull the carb and check it. I there anything else I should check while it's off? I checked the petcock and the fuel is flowing in both positions. If you guys think of anything else let me know.
  5. It's been a while since I've posted. I'm posting now because I just went back to a 2 stroke from a fuel injected 4 stroke. Bought my 2016 YZ250X bike a month ago. Loving it. Today I go to start it and no luck (starting to miss fuel injection right about now ). I only have 2 rides on it. Washed it last Sunday, started it rode around the block to shake the water off, put it away. I try starting it today, choke on , choke off, etc. for about 5 minutes. Finally I remember to tilt the bike over until I get some fuel. THE BIKE STARTS! Then the bike dies 2 minutes later after it depletes the fuel in the carb. Put it on the stand, drain the bowl, check the intake, verify the pet cock is flowing, check the plug for good measure. Still no start. So I need some suggestions as to where to look next. -Remember the bike is new and has been running. It is stock other than an FMF Turbine Core II S/A. -Starts when tilting the bike over to get fuel, so it has spark. What can I check? Thanks in advance.
  6. Anravqsuh

    Eli Tomac takes career #3

    I thought Brown raced at least a couple nationals this summer. I figured he got enough points to keep his number, but maybe not.
  7. Anravqsuh

    2013 fe350 steering damper options?

    I run a Scotts top mount. I like the bar height, bend and I believe I moved the bar position forward 1 position. I purchased the top clamp through either BRP or Scotts. One or the other matched the color of the triple clamp. Otherwise they're exactly the same. I've had the same Scotts Damper on like 5 bikes, so I'm pretty comfortable with how they perform.
  8. Anravqsuh

    Villopoto is the smartest rider out there

    I was never under the impression that RV would win the rest of the SX races of the season. The championship is the goal. Who cares if RD was a better rider that day. Had RV pushed hard and crashed out the title would be in jeopardy. Folks would then say that he was stupid for doing so. Worse yet if he had injured himself he may taken himself out for the MX season then the outdoor competition would not have been as good. Bottom line, it's OK if RV doesn't win every race. Points wise with 3 races left he's in a good position. Any given weekend RV, RD, DM, JS all have a chance to win.
  9. Anravqsuh

    Roczen a failure?

    Er muss seine Scheiße zusammen zu kommen und legte es auf das Podium. Keine Ausreden, nur get it done.
  10. Anravqsuh

    2013 Berg 4CS forks

    I have 4 rides on my FE350 and so far I like the forks very much. I had to play a little with the compression, I weigh 190 without gear and so I upped the compression a little bit. The action is smooth and you can charge the square edges. I've avoided throwing on my Scotts Damper until I could get it dialed without any negative effects, although I will ultimately put it on. The front and rear are nicely balanced and everyone who has ridden the bike has commented on the smooth action of the forks and balanced feel. I've set my sag at about 113 or so and I'm pretty happy at the moment. The front sticks and adjusts to turns with braking bumps nicely. It's deceptively plush, you'd think you'd bottom, but it doesn't. Feels good. Takes a while for me to trust a suspension, I'm about 80% there, feeling confident enough to push, but still a little cautious.
  11. Anravqsuh

    Santa came last night

    Yeah I'm a pretty lucky guy. I'm itching to get it out and ride, but rain will push that off until at least Sunday.
  12. Anravqsuh

    Santa came last night

    My wife surprised me with a 2013 Husaberg FE350. Me happy.
  13. Anravqsuh

    Will US riders win any motos in Lommel ?

    Well it had to end sooner or later and Lommel would certainly be a fitting place. 7 years though...not a bad run at all. The boys gave it their best shot and came up short. One thing is for sure...The USA will be contenders again next year. Congrats to Germany for their first ever championship.
  14. Anravqsuh

    Jason Lawrence???

    He looks like a douche...
  15. Anravqsuh

    KP's foot, how does that even happen?

    Ooooooo...that's gonna leave a mark!