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    I like tinker with things and enjoy working with my hands. I can bbq anything and cook most things. I also enjoy pretty much anything to do with motorsports.

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  1. UFboostedgator

    Whats my DRZ worth?

    Well, he agreed to go up to $3500 cash and we are meeting up today. If everything works out, I am going to take the deal. I feel like it is a fair price and I don't want to miss an opportunity.
  2. UFboostedgator

    Whats my DRZ worth?

    So after being on craigslist for less than a day, I have a cash offer of $3000. I told the guy I was going to wait a little bit since it had only been listed for a short period of time and he was well under my asking price ($4800). I know I am asking a lot but it leaves room for negotation even though he is in the middle of my expected range. I told him that if he can come up with a little more we can talk and he replied that he would see what he can do. So for now that's where it stands. Today I am going to strip it down and give it a really good cleaning and hope for the best.
  3. UFboostedgator

    Whats my DRZ worth?

    Yes, they are but they came with the bike when I bought it and were included for free as a "perk" if you will. Honestly, I was expecting between 2500-3500 realistically but was going to post it up for maybe 4500. I own it free and clear so whatever I get is pocket money. I agree with you, I have been looking around trying to get a feel for the market. I won't be returning it to stock because the only stock part not on the bike is the gas tank and tires but the tank will go with the bike. My hope is that any potential buyers will appreciate the fact that it is a one owner and well documented bike. Never abused and mostly just ridden back and forth to work over the bast several years. Only time will tell.
  4. UFboostedgator

    Whats my DRZ worth?

    Hello folks been a while, So the day has come and I have decided to put my beloved DRZ up for sale. My wife and I are about to start a family and could use some extra cash. Also, having dropped it a couple times, I don't want to take any chances at this time in my life when I need to be at my best. Also, my truck needs some lift lol. So here it goes, these are the facts. I am just looking for a general consensus of what can be expected for a fair sale price. 2007 DRZ400-SM, bought brand new in Sept. of 2010, I have every receipt for every purchase since new including maintenance items and aftermarket items. 14K trouble free miles, very well maintained, oil changed every 1K miles meticulously, always garage kept MCCT 3X3 with proper jetting MRD SSM exhaust K&N air filter Shinko 244 tires Clarke 3.9 tank TCI Products Denali rear rack Zeta carbon handguards Zeta break away shorty levers Thumpertalk side case guards MSR steel shift lever Upgraded mirrors Eddies fan mod, on anytime Turkey baster mod Other than that, I have only replaced parts as they have been needed. Chain, brakes, clutch cable are all in good condition. Plastics are near perfect, tires are good, bike fires right up with no smoke and no choke. Thanks for any input, I am just looking for some information. I have some pictures below for refrence.
  5. UFboostedgator

    High miles?

    I just turned 14K last week and haven't so much as had a hickup. I've owned it since new and checked the valves around 9-10k miles and they were perfect. I just bought a new house with a garage so now I have some room to work. I plan to do another check here pretty soon but for now it is running perfectly. The majority of my riding is on road, back and forth to work about 10 miles between 35-50 mph just putting around.
  6. UFboostedgator

    Oh shit clark fuel cap issues

    I also vote for the Tusk cap, mine works great after the plastic one gave up.
  7. UFboostedgator

    New bike, need pipe!

    The quality will be fine, make sure you get a full pipe vs. just a muffler or there will be negligable gains other than noise. I would be willing to be that pipe will still be pretty loud though, as most are on this bike.
  8. UFboostedgator

    In need of some sweet mirrors...

    Hmm that is strange, worked when I clicked on them. On ebay, search DRZ 400 carbon mirrors. They are the 2nd -3rd down.
  9. UFboostedgator

    In need of some sweet mirrors...

    Lol, probably not how I would describe them but to each his own. I have actually found some others that I like better but they are holding up good so not in a hurry. For what it's worth, here is the other ones I am considering: http://www.ebay.com/itm/CARBON-Side-Rearview-Mirrors-For-Suzuki-DRZ-GSXR-Motorcycle-Dual-Sport-Sportbike-/141053971676?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3ADRZ400&hash=item20d778ccdc&vxp=mtr I think they will match the Z-Carbon handguards a little better.
  10. UFboostedgator

    In need of some sweet mirrors...

    I put these on, they are by Tomok. Here is the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-Tomok-Rear-Side-Mirrors-Yamaha-FZ1-FZ6-FZ8-Fazer-Virgo-400-VXS-Nake-Bike-/190878856142?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2c714433ce&vxp=mtr
  11. UFboostedgator

    MRD Pro Comp or SSW on near stock bike

    I also have a stock bike engine wise other than the 3X3 and a K&N filter. I love my SSW and the sweet sweet music to my ears that it belches. I will go big bore and maybe carb when it is rebuild time but for now, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I will tell you that the "quiet" core will take a lot of the pop out of it but won't shut it up. I have never had the little mesh cone spark arrestor in so I can't comment on that. Just get it, you won't be dissapointed.
  12. UFboostedgator

    Anyone crack open the dash to make fixes?

    +1 on the Vapor, it is on my short list.
  13. UFboostedgator

    Opinions on Oversized Tanks?

    I love my Clarke 3.9, would choose it again. If you do decide on that though, you will also want to look into a billet gas cap. The stock one is not the best and will eventually fail, especially if you fuel up often. I got the one by Tusk.
  14. UFboostedgator

    what dual sport/knobby tires do people like for 17" rims?

    Ive had my set of Shinko 244's on for like 7-8k miles. Same rear, still got some life left, mostly street riding.
  15. UFboostedgator

    TT Case Shields Question

    Oh, well scratch that then. I didn't think about the temp rating, good looking out buddy.