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    I had the best luck with cycle-parts.com when I needed an OEM clutch. I did a lot of searching and they had the best price and I had great service too. Tim Heslip
  2. Tim_Heslip

    Garage workbench setups??

    I loved that web site http://www.singletracker500.com I laughed my butt off. That sound effect on the splash page had me in tears. As far as the garage goes. Don't forget a target on a wall so you have something to aim at when you have the urge to throw something. Tim Heslip
  3. Tim_Heslip

    Anyone work much overtime?

    Hours have been getting better due to a slight drop in work in the entire industry (tv advertising). I can brag that I have put in more 30+ hour days than I can remember. When the client decides when the day is over all you can do is grin and put up with it. It is heck on the eyes doing computer graphics for that long of a stretch. But it pays well enough to cover two kids a roof and some wheels. Tim Heslip
  4. Tim_Heslip

    Breaking up on Wide Open

    I had the same problem until I did the usual mods. YZ timed. No airbox lid. No baffle. New jets/needle (to match all the above) That fixed the backfire for good. There seemed to be just a little of the break-up problem left until I cut the gray wire. After that I had no problems at all. Tim Heslip 1998 WR400
  5. Tim_Heslip

    Fork seals

    I had great luck with the factory connection seals also. I also reccommend draining ALL your oil out and using lots of waterproof grease. It's not a bad idea to clean the darn things after a mud ride either. That is what burned me. Good luck. Tim Heslip 1998 WR400
  6. Tim_Heslip

    what kinds of jobs do we all have

    I am a computer graphic artist. I do graphics and special effects for commericals and videos on a system called flame. I am sure you have seen my work. I have a Jeep spot on the air right now (Parking Gate) and I did the first round of the Mazda Zoom Zoom spots. Zoom zoom zoom Tim Heslip flame artist by week, wr crasher by weekend
  7. Tim_Heslip

    Oven cleaner and sparkplugs

    Please refresh my memory. How long at what temperature? Also, is there a toxin danger if I am baking cookies at the same time as cleaning plugs? Tim Heslip
  8. Tim_Heslip

    Used and abused DOT tires

    olson jr check your PM Tim
  9. Tim_Heslip

    Used and abused DOT tires

    Pooley, Let us know how the inspection goes. I plan on getting my WR street legal too. Just to stay out of trouble when trail riding or in case I want to join the CCC. I am close enough, maybe I could borrow the DOT tires you get for my inspection too. Tim Heslip Farmington Hills, mi
  10. Tim_Heslip

    Moto SEX

    What is legal for most events? I thought it was 94 dB. Tim
  11. Tim_Heslip

    On the lighter side.......

    It is pictures like this that make me wonder why the hell I still live in Michigan. Don't get me wrong, I love having 4 seasons (sometimes in one week, yesterday 61 today 25 and snow). But you have to look at that shot and say WOW! Too Cool. Tim
  12. Tim_Heslip

    Moto SEX

    Dan, Do you know how loud the bike is with the stock pipe and Vortip? I am thinking about going with this setup. Right now I am unplugged but I may be looking into Enduros and HScrambles. Thanks, Tim Heslip
  13. Tim_Heslip

    Racepants & jersey

    I have a set of Fox 360 and Thor Core. I find that I wear the Thor much more often. So far so good. tim
  14. Tim_Heslip

    Beautiful and sad

    I know how you feel. My dad is a retired vet and I worked for him for years in high school and college. A real family run practice. I too had some serious heartache over sick and hurt animals. I would have become a vet too had it not been for the crazy owners. Take care, Tim
  15. Tim_Heslip

    I MADE DIRT RIDER MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow MOmilkman I just happen to have the mag right here next to me at work. Too cool. Just don't forget us small people at TT when you get the modeling gig. Tim