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  1. Here's a pretty cool photo gallery from this past weekend's TKO race at the Trials Training Center in TN. where Mike Brown took the win. http://offroadviking.com/2012/09/tko-gallery-by-brehob/
  2. You can check out stickmangraphx.com Top quality stuff and priced right. Here is a link the Honda designs. http://stickmangraphx.com/?p=87
  3. user2


    Here are some yamaha designs form stickmangraphx.com. Top quality stuff and good pricing to. http://stickmangraphx.com/?p=194
  4. Check out this truly inspiring video for any one who has had to step away from the sport for one reason or another. http://offroadviking.com/2012/07/one-last-time-jon-michael-rainey/
  5. Not yellow plastic but here is a custom design that we did for a customer with some yellow accent at stickmangraphx.com. I think it turned out pretty nice. http://www.stickmangraphx.com/
  6. Thanks man trying to add new designs all the time!
  7. Here are some of the graphics that we have done for the kit so far as soon as i get some bike pics i will post those as well.
  8. http://www.offroadviking.com/river_ranch_2012.shtm Found this video over at ORV of the River Ranch Race in Florida. Pretty good video report of the action back on Tuesday.
  9. http://www.offroadviking.com/338_company.shtm If you haven't heard Zach Osborne won the National Harescramble race today.... That got me watching videos of Zach and i found this video a little bit ago. Dude this is a good video and who thought he could ride woods too.
  10. Offroadviking.com had the privilege to film with Zach Osborne Tuesday. While Filming, Zach wore a GoPro for a little bit Check out this footage. Lookout the boy can ride the woods too. http://offroadviking.com/338_gopro.shtm
  11. Check out these guys from the West Coast. The Weekly Braaappp!!! Great show!!! Don and Reid are doing great things for our sport! http://www.offroadviking.com/the_weekly_braaappp5.shtm
  12. Here’s a look at the replacement for Morgan Moss on the yz250f. Jedediah Haines will ride in the XC2 class for the Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines Riding University/Offroadviking.com team. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Congrats Jed, we’re pulling for ya. http://offroadviking.com/jed_haines_replacement.shtm
  13. Checkout the interview Offroadviking did with Cooper Bailey. http://www.offroadviking.com/coop_interview.shtm
  14. Hey checkout Chuck Lemaster’s Christmas edition of “Team Faith Thursday”. Chuck manages to incorporate Ricky Bobby into his message for the Holidays. What a hoot!!!! http://www.offroadviking.com/team_faith6.shtm
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