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  1. Scoott

    Eddieville weather/race update

    We drove around at Eddieville for the first time this year...today. Some dry , a little snowy, LOTS of water running across the property. There is no way we can put on a decent event March30&31. Flattrack is flooded, wind whoops has sheets of water flowing into the big draw, water coming out of the ground, etc. Suprisingly, the MX track has the least amount of water, some snowdrifts still melting, but we could drive all around it. Weather permitting......we may try to hold a MX playday March 30 & 31.....maybe. Final announcement of yea/nea will be Friday. We will do the XC on April 13th and the GP April 14th at Eddieville. The Ridge is far wtter than Eddieville and it is doubtfull we could run there April 14th. We will reschedule the Ridge in the next couple of weeks, after I can drive a RZR around to see what the ground looks like. Sorry about all the rescheduling, it's been the latest snow ever ( at least in my ancient memory) Scott
  2. Scoott

    Eddieville weather/race update

    23rd&24th ( MX playday and rescheduled 6hr) ARE DEFINITELY OUT!!! March 30 & 31 OMRA XC/GP weekend doubtfull. I will make the call at the end of the week depending on weather this week and predicted for next week. Keep in mind that so far all the snowmelt is going into the ground and we will need to have wind to create a crust to run on.
  3. Scoott

    Eddieville weather/race update

    March 3 6hr is MOVED TO March 24th, with a MX playday March 23rd. ( We hope) maybe March 10 Eddieville NMA H.S. moved to Saturday May 17, with Starvation Ridge H.S. Sunday May 18th March 17th OMRA XC moved to SATURDAY March 30 @ Eddieville. March 31 OMRA GP will follow on Sunday Hoping the snow will be gone and some drying by the 23rd.
  4. Scoott

    Eddieville weather/race update

    March 2+3 weekend @Eddieville is a no-go. March 9&10th weekend is a no go . March 17 is very doubtfull unless we get some warm, windy weather to melt the 16"+ with 4' drifts snow AND set the ground up.
  5. Scoott

    Eddieville weather/race update

    Winter weather blues.12" of snow on the flat, 3' to 6' drifts from the wind. No warming in the 7 day forecast. Feb. 23&24 Playdays are on!......for snowbikes only. 6 hour March 3rd very doubtful. I will make the call Monday,Feb.25 I see Horn Rapids has postponed their spring race to 3/3/19. That is unlikely unless it warms up a bunch next week. We will post updates on event changes as we get closer to the race dates.
  6. Scoott

    Eddieville playdays Nov. 23-25th

    Sunday the 25th we will be open @ Eddieville. Suggest showing up around 11-12pm to let the ground warm up and dry a bit. Scott
  7. Scoott

    Eddieville playdays Nov. 23-25th

    Our website is overthebarsgang.com Wet ground froze hard Friday night. Saturday starting frozen, warming to frozen slime, warming to wet slime. If we get any wind today, maybe riding Sunday (Nov.25th)....but doubtful with 25 degree forecast for tonight.
  8. Too wet for Friday Nov. 23, Saturday looks clear( depending on how wet we get), SUNDAY LOOKS BETTER. We will make the call as the weather unfolds. Scott
  9. Scoott

    20th annual Eddieville GP Nov.10&11th

    We are postponing the 20th anniversary races on Nov.10&11th. Forecasts keep hedging more rain, freezing overnight temps. Possible snow on the passes. We will reschedule for spring or next fall. Scott
  10. NO! on second thought......HELL NO!! I will not do early again. I am too old and there is way too much pressure on Debbie and I to prepare for the 24hr in mid-October and get the wheat planting finished for the next season, take care of our son & other interests. We spent a solid 2 weeks getting ready for this year's race. With our aging crew we put out almost 3 miles of ribbon, thousands of stakes, and moving rocks and obstacles.This is a all-consuming event that dominates our thoughts/time for weeks, if not months. Conditions were good to perfect for 10-12hrs before the rain came in, even then the course got slimy on top but there were no bogs or endless ruts as in the past. I vowed the 24hr would run on the last weekend or not at all. Time will tell. On another note, not looking good for our 20 yr. Anniversery event on Nov. 10th& 11th. Weather is looking wet and cold. With overnight 20+ degree nights and low 40's daytime temps. that is a recipe for frozen ground, followed by slimy frozen ground, followed by maybe decent soft, wet ground late in the day. We will see what it looks like by Friday and make the call on go/no go then.
  11. 24 hr update. Course is laid out. Big changes. NO rock garden or pumpkin patch this year. Instead, we have FRESH rock sections...not as big rocks or as close together, much easier to get through. For the first time in years we are running the forest section and reeds next to the big pond, many dry ponds. We have filled the swimming pool with water, probably have to top off for the weekend , and yes , there is a bypass. Course is fast & flowing out in the wheat fields and technical everywhere else. Hoping to get a good shot of rain Thursday to help settle the dust. Quite dry so far. Still room for late entries available.
  12. 20 years since the first ever GP at Eddieville. To celebrate, we are returning to the style and format of 20 years ago. 2 separate days of racing, running opposite directions with some tweaks in the course from Saturday to Sunday. Dust off those 125's, we will have a 125 amateur and expert class as well as air cooled and 20+ year old class. GP course will be similar to 20 years ago, including the MX track, no rocky windmill path, around 6 miles in length. Each rider gets a raffle ticket for each race they enter. At the end of each day we will raffle off goodies with the grand prize the 1998 KTM 380 exc Hare & Hound race bike which will be raffled off Sunday, Must be present to win. First race of each day at 8:30 will be the combined 2 man/2 laps each team race -Hare & Hound solo. Solo entrants and team entrants will all be eligible for the $100 prize for the first rider to pass a local rider on a 1998 ktm 380 with a 20 second head start. 2nd races at 10:15 will be the Junior C's ( 50cc 2-strokes and 70cc 4-strokes) on their own little track, while the Junior mini's (65cc to 112cc 2-strokes and up to 150 4-strokes) race on the MX track. 20 minutes for the little guys in Junior C, 30 minutes for the mini's. Next up on the big course at 11:00 will be all the amateur classes ( ,250,open, 30+,40+, 50+,60+, women, Mini experts), beginners, Sportsman . at 1:00pm will be all the experts (AA/pro, , 250, open, 30+,40+) at 3:00pm will be 125's, air cooled, 20+ year old bikes $10 gate fee $30 team fee ( for both) $25 Hare & Hound solo fee $20 Junior C, Junior Mini fee $25 for the 11:00, 1:00 , 3:00 races Hope to see you there. SCOTT
  13. Less than two weeks until the 24hr. Some rain last week but still pretty dry. Spots still open for race teams/Ironpeople. Course I laid out, 1 loop left to disc & mark. Lots of new stuff with very little existing trail usage. Wide open in the disced fields and technical and rocky in the scabpatches.( also called scablands, yours or the soil). Forecast dry for the next 7-10 days, looking good so far.
  14. Scoott

    Drowned Ktm exc 200 advice

    I would flush the bottom end with wd-40 or any lubricant with water affinity. 2-strokes have a tendency to evaporate the water and some condenses on the underside of the piston. When the motor cools down, the condensed water drips right own the rod to the big-end bearing. I have known several bikes that lost the big-end bearing some time after being submerged.
  15. Scoott

    OTBG fall race lineup

    Fall racing with OTBG starts September 15 with the 6hrs of Starvation Ridge, followed by the 16th running of the 24hrs of Starvation Ridge October 27&28th. November 10&11 will be the 20th anniversery GP at Eddieville. We will return to the teamraces, manual scoring,a hare& hound race, prizes and one lucky racer will win our 1998 KTM 380! All racers will receive a raffle entry for each race they enter. more info @ overthebarsgang.com