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    Anything fast enough for me to do something stupid with it.
  1. Bonestock07

    Who will win MEC?

    While I'd love to see RD win, my money is on RV. Before RV crashed out, he was the best rider out there. Sorry my fellow KTM guys, I'd love to see our boy win but I just dont think its gonna happen. LOL if anyone BUT RV won, I'd be happy!
  2. Bonestock07

    Congrats to Ryan Dungey !

    I think Crow might go on the endangered species list because alot of people will be eating it!
  3. Bonestock07

    2013 KTM 250SX all sold out!

    This happens every year. So its no accident....
  4. Bonestock07

    who else have picked Mike Alessi for a win?

    You mean like when he cried at the beginning of the season because he had to "buy his own bikes". Boohoo. Is he getting better or has he finally realised that being a douchebag turns off sponsors? Now he is trying to be likeable... Atleast that is what I think.
  5. Bonestock07

    who else have picked Mike Alessi for a win?

    Exactly.. I cant stand it either. And then he wondered why RD5 didn't come up and congratulate him. I found it funny he body language when RD wouldn't stop. MA talks like he is much nicer but he isn't a good guy.
  6. Bonestock07

    2012 Commander 1000 Side/Side Issues

    They have a really good warranty... have you used it?
  7. Bonestock07

    Unofficial 07+ WR250F mods thread

    Still have trouble getting the AIS kit from Yamaha?
  8. Bonestock07

    Motocross Lites east & west, one class?

    I read in the newest issue of MX action they are pushing to combine the Lites East & West. The author made some good points. I'd love to see the tops riders from both divisions banging bars. However, I think this is a HUGE mistake if they do it. Here is why: 1. Two divisions allows for more riders to have better odds at making a name for themselves (success). 2. More riders get a chance at sponsorship. 3. CA is no longer a head start for riders. Lets face it, they have EVERYTHING going for them in the home of MX. 4. More events in each division, allows more fans the opportunity to see the race in person. 5. Travel for teams is reduced (for riders and support personnel & equipment). 6. More riders have a chance to get on the podium. They get a taste of victory before moving in to the 450 class. 7. Greatly reduces the chances of a one man show. RV is a great rider, no one can say otherwise. But it is boring for me to see one guy win every single time (Think MS in F1). 8. More events = more revenue for all the tracks, sponsors etc. Now I think they need to take the top 10 from each side after the season has finished and let them have a 3 race national, winner takes all. One on the east, one on the west and the final in central US. Whaddya think?
  9. Bonestock07

    Which boots to buy....

    Update, I went for my 1st ride these new SG-10's. Best boot I have ever stuck my foot in. Never will I buy another cheap boot. Now I get it. We give up a lot of comfort and protection in the entry level boots. Scary part is, you have no idea, until you have a good pair of boots. So if you have ANY rewards $$$ with RMATV, order a set now! They are only $265 shipped with the rewards rebate ($50).
  10. Bonestock07

    Dungey A Phoney Champ

    Great pic of the Champ! His GF is smoking hot too.
  11. Bonestock07

    "hey can i try your bike?"

    Friends, yes. Stranger, HELL NO.
  12. Bonestock07

    Dirt bike shoe

    The lock & load is where its at. No more tie down straps is a great thing!
  13. Bonestock07

    Which boots to buy....

    Thanks to this thread I just got them for $269 on RM! Granted, it was with $50 off using my rewards points. But woohoo!
  14. Thats what I use because monkey-butt sucks!
  15. Bonestock07

    The 450 (and 4 strokes) are killing our sport

    That was one of the worst analogies I have ever read, kinda racist too. Its a dirt bike website.. deal with it. LOL actually i guess the correct term would be a power-sport website since it has SxS, quads, PWC etc.