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  1. nmx

    04, 05, 06 Top end parts?

    I have a brand new (in the package ) cylinder i will sell for $160 plus shipping.
  2. nmx

    Replacing Valves

    I have had 4 of them, all 4 of mine and everybody i know who has one has trouble with the left intake, wish Suzuki/Kawasaki would give us a technical service advisory with the answers but im sure it will never happen!
  3. They have just come out with a new one. Motosport outlet has the old ones on sale for $249.00 for the complete system. We bought one and my son loves it, he thinks it helps most in the midrange and out of corners. Adds maybee a little up top but nothing major. The only drawback is the header pipe is low and it makes it very difficult to change the oil filter without removing the header. We have a stock 05 cover and i can do it by loosing the headpipe < not removing it. Fit and finish is great, installation is a breeze. For the money I dont think you would be the least bit disapointed. See WWW.motosportoutlet.com P.S. The header pipe is titanium, silincer is aluminum
  4. nmx

    Valve Train Answers

    Ok they have been out for 2 model years now. Surely someone smarter than me has this figured out by now. Should I go back with stock valves (much cheaper than say pro circuit)? What about valve springs, stock or not? I have one apart now and want to redo it the right way. Stock set up lasted fine for a year. Then I redid everything to make it fresh again. Per my mechanic we put in Wiesco piston because reportedly some domes were cracking on stock. Went with pro circuit valve springs because reportedly the stock ones were weak and causing problems. Went back with stock valves because of cost. Put in new timing chain. About 10 hours and lost compression. Piston, ring and cylinder all still look good but one intake valve was carboned up (had obviously been leaking. What is the answer? Are the stock springs weak? Are the stock valves stretching? Are the seats to soft? Somebody smart must have it figured out by now
  5. Pace Cargo Sport without a doubt.
  6. nmx

    Anyone break a Kick start lever?

    A friend of mine broke his.
  7. nmx

    CRF250 vs. RMZ250

    Preference for the Suzuki dealer. No good Honda dealers in my area!
  8. nmx

    Cheap big footpegs

    I had a pair and they never rusted.
  9. nmx

    White Bros. Exhaust Question

    Just put one on my 05 havent rode it yet but it sounds great.
  10. nmx

    4strokes or 2

    U should go with the 250f u wont regret it!
  11. nmx


    Every time I order from Motosport Outlet something is backordered!
  12. nmx

    boyesen water pump cover

    Mine works good! Never had any overheating problems with it.
  13. nmx

    Any kxfs been to cycle ranch

    I rode there on my rmz and had no problems.
  14. nmx

    RMZ oil change

    make sure the washer is on it when u put it back in. It has a bad habit of not coming off with the bolt but rather sticking to the case before falling into whatever u are draining the oil into. This happened to me and I put the bolt back in without the washer, I over tightened it and stripped out the case.
  15. nmx

    exhausted by exhaust

    Mine broke the same way and so did two friends with RMZ/KXF all in the same place.