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  1. XpressCS

    Electric Dirt bikes?

    Some of us are just after POWER. Who wouldn't like to zoom through their neighborhood, and through the local trails without so much as making a peep? and still have more torque than a bike of equivalent size.
  2. XpressCS

    Carb vs EFI

    Yup, I think having a complete FI system with intake temperature sensors and an O2 sensor are basically all your bike needs. Plug in a computer and you can make those fine adjustments you need to suck every bit of power possible out of your engine. The added bonuses of FI are that they don't mind cold weather. Not sure what you're talking about here... What I was claiming was when FI first came out, not a lot of people wanted it, and using an exotic luxury manufacturer for an example isn't fair I was talking about the publically affordable and available market. When FI first came out, nobody wanted it. They thought it was complete CRAP. Nowadays, carbs are considered crap. The mechanics I work with worked on carb vehicles when they first started. Now they hate working on carbs, because FI systems are much more reliable and simpler to work on for them, and it's not because they can plug in their OBD2 diagnostic computer (which can only give a general idea of the problem, you have to dig in to figure out exactly what the issue is). Give FI technology a few years to get sorted out. I'm still holding out for a FI kit that can be bolted on much like a carburetor. Maybe use a throttle body injector
  3. XpressCS

    Ethanol Free Gas

    I was about to post this but you beat me to it. Ethanol fuel treatment works pretty well. Some say you can also mix in a bit of 2 stroke oil as well to keep the gas from going stale, as well as it helping to keep the valves from getting all gummed up from bad gasoline. I personally have used 2 stroke oil mixed to about 100:1 in a few of my bikes. Other than them smoking a little bit, they run great still. Modern bikes and vehicles are designed to work on what's available to us today. I don't buy 91, no need for it, although that's what my dad buys so I'm not complaining
  4. XpressCS

    Carb vs EFI

    This is EXACTLY the same as cars. When carburetors were common, they were the thing to go for. When fuel injection first came out, they had all kinds of issues and nobody really saw them as being the future. Nowadays there are no more vehicles manufactured with carburetors. FI offers better reliability, a larger range of running temperatures, and a very fine control of the stoichiometric values. Give FI technology in bikes a few years for them to develop and fine tune them. IMO they need temperature sensors on the intake, in the coolant, as well as an O2 sensor on the exhaust for the FI to work as well as it does with cars.
  5. XpressCS

    twist throttle or not??

    A buddy I talk to all the time was having a hard time on the track, particularly in corners. Said he couldn't figure out why, it was like he couldn't get enough gas. As it turns out, when you are cornering a 3/4 wheeler, your body geometry is HELLA different than it is on bikes. With a bike, your body stays parallel to the vertical position of the bike. There is no leaning, or shifting your body to corner harder. with the ATV, the bike stays parallel to the ground, and you need to shift your body weight to keep it on all wheels. When you shift your body weight, your arms change positions, and your throttle hand cannot turn the throttle correctly. Feels like your engine is neutered. When you have a thumb throttle, no matter the position of your arm/hand, you can always mash that throttle. When my buddy switched to a thumb throttle, he noticed he was able to power through corners a LOT easier. I have carpal tunnel syndrome too, and it's a LOT easier for me to use a thumb than it is to use a twisty. Ontop of that I also get wrist lock if I twist my wrist excessively. Bike, trike, quad, snowmobile, or seadoo, they ALL get thumb throttles with me
  6. XpressCS

    Electric Dirt bikes?

    I wonder if the freeride can be used on the streets in all 50 states legally. That'd be SWEET Definitely want one, although need more info. FWIW electric power systems are fully submersible as long as they have sealed electronics. The motors windings should be moisture tight already, and the battery cells should already be sealed.
  7. What setting were you on? On high you should see 6 hours of use WITH an appropriate battery. Also, perhaps you drained the pack too far for the light to light up. BTW, that pack is damaged, they should be at 4.19 at least after a day of sitting. Smell it (seriously) if it smells like a sweet tangy smell then it's damaged.
  8. If it's the 35mm single LED light you are talking about, it should consume about 1.05a on HIGH. At that consumption, you should see about 6 hours of use on high with a 6600mah + nickel cell battery. Let me get this straight... You used over 99% of your lipo batteries capacity.. You realize they do not like to be drained too far below 3.7v per cell, or 80% of their capacity? I'd be in the market for a new pack if I were you, that pack is damaged now. You can try to save it with a balance charger, but one of the cells has likely been killed inside, and won't recover (an 11.1v lipo pack is a 3s pack). Once a cell drops below 2.8 volts, it's pretty much gone. 80% capacity of an 8000mah pack is 6400mah.
  9. XpressCS

    New Bike Break-In

    RTFM: Read The F$#%*@ Manual The manufacturer knows whats best for their engines. After all, they DID make them
  10. XpressCS

    LED turn signal help needed

    Got a video or pictures?
  11. Yes, you may have an intake leak. Easiest way to check is to get a can of starting fluid and poke around the intake seals. If it bogs down and dies then you've found it. If not, then check elsewhere.
  12. Check for air leaks and check the jetting.
  13. XpressCS

    Electric Dirt bikes?

    What in the actual hell are you talking about? It depends on the motor. Some rev to 5,000, some can rev WELL over 200,000rpm. For a dirtbike though I'd imagine a max rev of 10,000rpm easily. You can either go direct drive, or you can run a gearbox, it really depends on your setup.
  14. XpressCS

    Electric Dirt bikes?

    In 5-10 years we will probably see companies coming out with electric race bikes, AND those bikes are going to be raced in major competitions like AMA or enduro races. Those who say electric bikes are weak and underpowered need only to watch the above video. Electric bikes advantages are they have a torque curve that is GREATER than a hot rod 450 engine. Torque starts out the moment power is applied to the motor. The power is so linear it's almost like not having a powerband at all. Imagine hitting the throttle at 0mph and roosting the dirt all the way up to 40mph. Now imagine doing that from 40mph to 80mph or whatever. That's the kind of power electric motors have. They don't even need transmissions, and when battery technology is developed further in a few years they will be just as light as your regular run of them ill 250 pinger, but even more powerful. Now imagine having the power of a VERY hot 500 2 stroke in the size of a light 250.
  15. XpressCS

    Electric Dirt bikes?

    Clearing up the confusion... Electric bikes emit ZERO emissions. They do not burn fuel, they do not produce exhaust. They simply use the flow of electronics to transform into a mechanical movement. And depending on where you get your power from, you may be running on "green power" (southern CA is mainly hydro-electric and nuclear with some wind and little coal power). Manufacturing companies do emit some, but lithium battery technology has come VERY far, farther than the toxic and hazardous nickel cell batteries manufacturing plants. Give it 10 years and you are going to see a lot of electric bikes out on the track, GUARANTEED. Just 10 years ago, radio control cars barely got 5-8 minutes of run time for 20 minutes of charge. Now we can charge up a battery in 15 minutes, run for 45 minutes, and have double and even triple the power of what older cars did of the decade before. Now we're adapting those batteries to cars and motorcycles.