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  1. Dan_Lorenze

    Justin Hill Post race Interview

    Good kid that Justin Hill. I was pulling for him. As bummed as I was to see Justin go down, I felt that Marvin had to do it, and it paid off for him. I would've loved to see him battle with Tomac at the end. JGR's gotta be stoked with Hill.
  2. Dan_Lorenze

    2018 Monster Energy San Diego SX Bench Racing - Rd 6

    Dungey has gotta be shaking his head at all these amateurs trying to put a full season together. What a joke!
  3. Dan_Lorenze

    Mookie needs Aldon

    Correct! The Stewart family won't let anyone interfere with the laziness of there kids. It's their way or the highway and the results prove it.
  4. Dan_Lorenze

    Breaking news about the new KTM TPI’s

    When is the 300 TPI coming to the states?
  5. Dan_Lorenze


    I really think that Ralph does a good job all things considering. It's a real tough job to keep it going like that and not many people can do it. But with that said I would like to see Langston in the booth. Langston is almost always on point. I'm not a big fan of the race ticker on the left side of the screen, it's kind of annoying how they break it up. I much prefer a simple rolling ticker on the top of the screen.
  6. Dan_Lorenze

    RedBalls KTM's premier rider

    Man Card revoked.
  7. Dan_Lorenze

    2018 Monster Energy Oakland SX Bench Racing - Rd 5

    Nice to see Hill back where he belongs on the podium, I thought the pass that Anderson put on Marvin was kind of BS, there's some bad blood between those two. Barcia got a little ahead of himself tonight. Happy for Kenny on a great ride.
  8. Cole is in a good place right now, healthy and fast.
  9. Dan_Lorenze

    This weekends "Triple Crown"

  10. Dan_Lorenze

    This weekends "Triple Crown"

    So it looks like the evening program is 6 main events, I'm good with that. What about the afternoon qualifying sessions? Is that open to the public and all apart of the price of admission to the evening program? Can't seem to find the info online. I'm going to A2, but don't have my tickets in hand.
  11. Dan_Lorenze

    Cooper Webb = bust

    The factory Yamaha Super coop getting beat by a part time Bass pro fisherman is no bueno kids.
  12. Dan_Lorenze

    Tomacinator 2: Full Compaction

    Both very fast riders when they keep/kept it on two wheels. Not a stretch at all to compare the two. JS7 was fast yet unpredictable just like ET is riding. Not "silly" at all.
  13. Dan_Lorenze

    Tomacinator 2: Full Compaction

    All depends on Tomac's shoulder and how distracted he is about A1. As we all know Eli is very unpredictable these days. MM and JA are firing on all cylinder (see what I did there) But if I were a betting man I would take Tomac for the win tonight in Houston because has no choice and has to win a lot of races, he blew through is only mulligan in the first round. One more little mishap and he gone. It's unfortunate that ET has become the modern day JS7, I didn't see that coming. If Roczen gets a good start all bets are off, that German is FAST.
  14. Dan_Lorenze

    2018 Monster Energy A1 SX Bench Racing

    Funny you guys bring up Molly Shannon, I work with her and she's totally cool. She cleans up pretty good.
  15. Dan_Lorenze

    Where the HECK is James Stewart

    I was browsing Youtube looking for some more 450 GoPro footage from A1 and stumbled across this video. It's pretty incredible how fast James Stewart was, and he knew it too.