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  1. hondageek

    crf250 motor blow up?

    The countershaft bearing let go in my friends '04 CRF250 the other day while we were riding. He was full throttle up a sandy hill and it locked up and started pouring oil. I got it home, pulled the countershaft sprocket and noticed the case was damaged, the seal was gone, and the few balls left in the bearing were all jambed at about 5 0'clock in the bearing. I haven't pulled the motor yet, but it looks pretty bad.
  2. hondageek

    clutch springs

    I tried the 450 springs and had very little luck trying to get a good start on concrete. It was very hard to release smoothly since the 450 springs are not only stiffer but longer also so they already had a lot of preload before pulling the lever. I took them out almost immediately. I actually like the slight slippage of the stock clutch, that's one of the reasons the CRF250 gets such good starts and has such good traction.
  3. hondageek

    Dirt in the carb...not the airfilter.

    nope, just the opposite. The carb will pull from the area with the least resistance(assuming it has a choice), so a more free flowing filter makes the vaccuum in the carb lower.
  4. I responded early in this thread that I have replaced my intake valves but didn't really have a big problem with doing it. That doesn't mean I liked doing it or want to do it again. The people on this forum represent a very small percentage of the CRF250 owners, and if this many of us have had a problem you can imagine how many others there are out there that don't realise it's happened to others. If we want to get anywhere with Honda we need to come up with a standard letter that we can all insert our vin, name, address, list of other Honda products we own, etc. Include old parts in the envelope and foreward to one person(Tuner?), that person could compile all of the responses, photograph them together along with one of the letters and send the photos to a magazine along with a note explaining what we're trying to accomplish. After that the original envelopes with parts would be forewarded to Honda and also telling them that we, along with the press, are awaiting a response. Hopefully if something gets published(whether Honda does something about it or not)others out there that have had the same problem will know it was not unique to their bike. I'm sure that most dealers who have fixed valves have told their customers that "we've never seen this before!". This plan's so crazy it just might work! I always wanted to say that...
  5. hondageek

    Definitive valve issue poll???

    '04 crf250r with 41.9 hours intake valves and springs replaced at 39 hours, rt. went to 0, left still at .005 but replaced anyway. mods: removed filt screen fmf factory 4 various air filters(labratory clean, every ride) jd jet kit used exclusivly for mx, lots of high rpm and sand
  6. hondageek

    Piston with 30 hrs - unbelievable, photo

    700 hours...on one top end. I'd like to see your hour meter. Thats almost 2 hours of riding every day for a year. Sorry, but I don't buy it.
  7. hondageek

    Beware of chain on 2005

    from the first post: "Once I picked the bike up out of the puddle of mud and started it again it kept staling as soon as the clutch was let out. At first I thought it was the front brake that was grabbing but it turns out the chain was bar tight. So tight the bike would not move." I don't think this has anything to do with the brand of chain. I see it all the time at Southwick when someone falls on the drive side and sand gets between the sprocket and the chain making it so tight the wheel can't be turned. Sometimes having a few guys roll the bike backwards will free it up, but not usually. The stock chains are kind of cheap, but they have always been. Take it off when you buy the bike, and put it back on when you sell it.
  8. hondageek

    Best place to buy arai??

    actually $439 is a fair deal. The VX pro wholesale is over $300, a 25% margin for a dealer isn't much. A lot of dealers in my area have dropped Arai because one dealer was whoring out Arais at really cheap prices and they ended up killing the dealer base. I wear Arais and will never wear anything else. One of my riding friends designs all of the paint jobs for Arai and does a ton of custom jobs. He's worked with every brand of helmet imaginable and said he wouln't let his dog wear most of the lids on the market. Glad to see someone online who realizes how important a good helmet is.
  9. hondageek

    Checking valves - turning motor over clockwise??

    that's some nasty looking black sludge in that motor!
  10. I think there would be greater impact if all of the letters, valves, pictures, etc were delivered all in one package, not individually. I have replaced my intake valves but I don't really have a big problem with the whole issue. I still have the old parts and I'm willing to play along.
  11. hondageek

    Track building

    check out the Dirtwurx website, they build all of the SX tracks and most of the pros practice tracks. They have a track building tips section.
  12. hondageek

    Some thoughts on valve clearances...

    The shims in all of the engines are different, even from valve to valve in the same engine. A valve with a tighter clearance(but still within spec) will usually last LONGER than a valve with a looser clearance.
  13. hondageek

    question for you guys using uni air filters

    that's the way it's supposed to be. Go figure, the Uni is two pieces and the TwinAir is one piece...
  14. hondageek

    Jemco to make system for the crf250

    sound levels like that are the biggest threat to our sport right now. An exhaust like that is just rediculous...don't [@#$%&*!] next time a track near you get shut down for noise issues.
  15. hondageek

    Need all CRF250 input on valves, top end ect...

    You shouldn't need a rebuild at 20 hours. If you check your valves and they are out of spec, just save yourself the hassle of shimming them and just replace them(you'll have to shim the new ones any way). Do a thourogh grease job and get the shock and fork oil changed. You should be good to go for next season.