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  1. roostierooster855

    Any one running VP T2 fuel?

    I have a 14 yz250 with a pipe and silencer, started running vp t2 which so far i like but i think its lean, the pilot seems to be ok, air acrew is 1.5 out. The needle is stock , i just picked up a 182 main to put in. My question is does anyone have expierence with this fuel ? I called vp and they agreed go 1 or two up on the main but they dont say that on there web site like they do for there u4.4 where they tell you to go richer.
  2. roostierooster855

    Kx100 running 80:1 want to change to 50:1

    Nooo 32:1 , I told you you will make the most power with 32:1 or lower , if you want go ahead and run 50:1 but you taking life outta the motor, running 32:1 keeps the oil in the bottom end where its supposed to be at ...... You should be able to turn the crank over and when it does a revolution there should be oil on it. If not its not enough oil..... But for that you have to rebuild the motor to check that of course, that being said 32:1 is what I always ran and will run in my 2 t bikes
  3. roostierooster855

    Kx100 running 80:1 want to change to 50:1

    You have your needle, main jet and poilot jet, those 3 control the air fuel mixture.
  4. roostierooster855

    Kx100 running 80:1 want to change to 50:1

    Look up the stock jetting and the jets are numbered and for the needle you can visibly see what position the clip is in
  5. roostierooster855

    Kx100 running 80:1 want to change to 50:1

    If you can't take the carb off this bike and put stock jetting in it the. You really need to learn and do it, that's simple stuff, if it has stock jetting in it when you check , out it back together and run 32:1 , you also make more power with more oil usually due to better ring seal, at 80:1 I don't see that bottom end lasting if you race it, it must have beenbluhged around 2 mph in trails or something , not good
  6. roostierooster855


    I agree, my 2011 kx250f came with one and I had my first track day yesterday day and it does notttt feel like a normal clutch, anyone who would like to trade me a stock clutch cover and clutch for the rekluse I will. Is all I need to do is put stick plates in it right???
  7. roostierooster855

    Don't work on your engine while you've been drinking......

    Fr some reason everytime I drink and work on my bike the hammer always comes out,,,,, its kind of funny id think well what could use the hammer on to do this job, mmmm nothing , 2 hours and 6 beers later sure enough i got a hammer out ....
  8. roostierooster855

    top seed on cr85

    Hahahahaha omg on you guys crack me up , my cr85 stock gearing did 63, can they go faster yeah, now about the wind resistance thing, my crf450r supermoto was geared 15/ 39. I couldn't get that thing over 105 in supermoto trim , and yes for bikes with one cylinder wind resistance maters alot. When I toped out my bike I was never ever ever on the limitter..... , ive heard of wr450 supermoto hitting 115, then again I've heard , but I never heard anything higher on a regeared MX bike. And I also don't see how they could go faster unless you have a built 450 pushing 70hp thats regeared, then you might hit 125. MOST of you guys probably never been over 100 on a MX bike so you can't tell me about wind resistance........ Its sketchy...... Pretty dam sketchy
  9. roostierooster855


    The 2011 kx250f I bought came with one so this year MX will be interesting, I have not hot the track yet and only rode it around the yard but its nice cause if u fall it won't stall and you can be lazy but you can still feather the clutch and use the clutch like you normally would , you can still launch the bike as if you didn't have a rekluse, there very simple on how they work.
  10. roostierooster855

    top seed on cr85

    When I had my 07 I hit 63_65 mph
  11. roostierooster855

    YZ250 Fuel Knock?

    If your crank seals leak you will run lean. Use water in a spray bottle or carb cleaner and with the engine running spray around the area and if the motor revs up it's a leak, with water it should die down if it's leaking ....
  12. roostierooster855

    Sg10 boots, size 9 or 8

    I think I'm going to bite the bullet and go with size 9, because my size 8 alpinestars are to snug , especially around the calf area.. For me to order the size 8 just sounds not right. The guy said as long as you can't twist your ankle in the boot at all they are good. Now my size 8 redwings are all leather and at first they sucked, but after I mink oiled the leather and wore theme they stretched to my foot. So I don't know if I should compare theme to MX boots... Ik that the boots will break in but its apples to oranges
  13. roostierooster855

    Sg10 boots, size 9 or 8

    No, I'd be wearing a slightly thicker sock but not much, the socks would also be long socks
  14. roostierooster855

    Sg10 boots, size 9 or 8

    I wear a size 8 red wing work boot and I have a size 9 Nike free run tennis shoes, I currently have size 8 alpinestar tech 2's which I got cause I was still growing at the time but they completely suck, so I tried on size 9 sg10's at a local shop and they seem comfortable..... Not to loose but not to tight , they just feel comfortable , but they didn't have a size 8 in the sg10 or 12. The guy said size 9. When I kick my foot forward there is some room , probably a thumb.... So 3/4 of an inch to an inch I'd say. But I do have wide flat feet.... So what your oppinios
  15. roostierooster855

    New YZ125 2000 advice needed

    Whoosps , didn't know you did all that, yeah do the crank seals, make sure the car is clean and the float valve works maybe just replace it