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  1. 1200GS

    ARGH need a radiator!

    Got one... fingers crossed its straight. ...
  2. 1200GS

    ARGH need a radiator!

    Since I'm in korea (work for the army) the ship and repair can be a pain... still hoping someone knows where i can find a bike being parted out or something. ... the ones in ebay look pretty beaten up...
  3. When I bought my 2011 WR250F, the right rad was already bashed in. Didn't leak but it was pretty ugly. Today I tried to put rad guards on and sure enough, when trying to get the right side on I created a leak where the damage was. The rad guards I have are Unabiker, so I am concerned that some aftermarket radiators won't fit. Any advice? Do I have to use Yamaha radiators, and if so, can I JUST get a right side? Any advice will be super helpful, thanks! Also, what years will fit?
  4. 1200GS

    2004 cr125 axle nut sizes

    Thank you!
  5. 1200GS

    2004 cr125 axle nut sizes

    Thanks. I am overseas and wanting to order a wrench to pack on the bike.
  6. 1200GS

    2004 cr125 axle nut sizes

    Could someone please tell me what the nut sizes are for the front and rear axles? Thanks!
  7. Good to know, but I'd rather swap goggles than helmets
  8. No. They don't have that. I looked them up, they're Thor Enemy goggles. Kinda massive. Those 100% with the outriggers look good, like the outriggers would clear the side of the helmet more so the actual goggles would sit a bit deeper.
  9. OLHILBILLY, I'm looking at the Fly helmet (just in case goggles alone don't fix my problem), is the peak/bill on that Fly helmet as short as it looks in the photos? The Bell helmet's peak is really long, nice for blocking sun. Thanks!
  10. Awesome guys, thanks for the feedback!
  11. As an expat who depends on mail order to get my moto stuff, sometimes I can be pretty unlucky with my purchasing choices. Currently I have a Bell SX-1 helmet and Thor goggles. The eye port is too small or the goggles too wide, but either way the goggles just don't seal well. If I were to try to alter the fit I think I'll just end up with an even worse situation. I sure would like to order something that will fit, but not having access to a helmet shop, I'm at a loss/ I guess what I'm asking for in this thread is if you have good fitting helmet and goggles, post it up. I'm mostly ambivalent about brand/cost at this point, just tell me what's working for you. Thanks!
  12. 1200GS

    Weird idle...

    Ok thanks guys. ..ill look.
  13. 1200GS

    Weird idle...

    This condition exists all the time...doesn't seem related to starting at all. .. still worth checking or something else?
  14. 1200GS

    Weird idle...

    I just recently bought a 2011 WR250F and during my first ride realized it has a weird idle problem. After the bike is warm (no choke), if I'm riding at speed and then stop with the clutch in the idle will stay around 2k rpm or so. This can cause some serious problems if I then need to use engine braking for a downhill trail section (because I'll be going too fast). However, if I'm riding at speed and then stop, and intentionally drag the clutch a bit on the decel, the idle will go down to where it should be (about 800-1000 rpm). I've fiddled with the idle adjustment, but it only affects the proper idle it doesn't affect the high idle condition at all. I wonder if it's a vacuum tube? Anyone have advice? Thanks!
  15. 1200GS

    Which tubes for these tires?

    Very informative debargew...I dint mind doing the research. ..but you pointed me un the right direction. Thank you.