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  1. piltoyougram

    Fuel mix for a two stroke

    That photo, bike on fire?? Is that the one that had the leaking carb. bowel gasket? You know the guy who refused to Pay $30.00 for a gasket and said I'll just let it leak!!!
  2. Buy the gasket for sure or your next post may be! My bike caught fire and my balls got fried to the seat! The whole bike is toast now!
  3. Go to MSR, for almost ever dirt bike I've owned I always went to Malcom Smith racing for my Throttle cables and housings. I'm not familiar with your Husky, does it have the single cable or the dual cable? His Magura set ups in my opinion were the best. Never ever want to cheat on your throttle devise, may bite you someday.
  4. piltoyougram

    Winter Dirt Bike Maintenance

    Is the 70 hours on bike the hours you put on racing harescrambles? If so, and you had 0 DNF's then I would say your preps for the race are spot on. Prepare for winter just like you would for a race. EXCEPT, drain all gas and check your anti freeze, wouldn't hurt to drain anti freeze and oil, replenish with new as per manual. Put bike on a stand and cover her up till spring
  5. piltoyougram

    How to title a new bike bought online?

    First things first! A 5year old on state trails???? Best you check that state law out! Once you get the MSO go to the DMV as stated above.
  6. Hey Man you posted in the right place!(Thumper Talk)! A couple of photo's of the damage packages just might help? And with your complaint posted on Thumper Talk it just might help Klim&Twisted Throttle to get their ducks in a row! Peak Moto sent me a Air cut off valve complete with valve, spring and "O" ring. Their package was completely bullet proof, very professionally packaged. VERY LAME EXCUSE on TWISTED THROTTLE& KLIM'S part!
  7. piltoyougram

    Yz250 start shaft failure

    If I had this problem? I would go to my closet Yamaha dealer that has a renown service department. Then I would explain your situation and show them the photo's and see what their take is. But make no mistake you'll most likely get some very good advise here. Time and answers will tell. Good luck.
  8. piltoyougram

    '85 XR350r won't start

    Thanks gt63 and Daniel627 You both are very helpful with legit answers. I appreciate both your help. Very good starting points to look at. Thanks again
  9. Beta X-Trainer 300 great bike, lower then the norm. 2 stroke, (easy to rebuild) Will also hold it's resale value.
  10. piltoyougram

    Can Dirt Bikes & ATV Co-Exist?

    Husquire: You started a subject that compares sugar to vinegar! No way will quads ever be welcome on dirt bike trails! They can tear up trails to where there almost impassible plus add double trouble to the erosion factor. Give it up.
  11. You have a very legitimate question. xrcrf100 gave you the correct years. Clutch44 is just a typical smart butt from California! 109 years? I guess he didn't know?!
  12. piltoyougram

    '85 XR350r won't start

    1985 Honda XR350r won't fire? So I shot a little ether into air box and it backfired and that's all I can get out of it. Only tried the ether deal one time. Any thoughts on this will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  13. piltoyougram

    2018 yzf450 starter problem

    If you bought the bike from a Yamaha Dealer I would have myself and bike at dealership in the morning and have them give you the answers
  14. piltoyougram

    Dirt Legal How Does It Work?

    Here in NC when the DMV pulls up the Vin. No. and it shows up dirt bike! They could care less and tell you to turn in your tag! So when the next date comes for new tags and your local DMV puts it into their computer it shows up tag not approved. Well at least you got to ride on the road for 1 year! But you paid for liability ins. $30 inspection fee. personal property tax and the registration fee. All for 1 year and your done on the road! It's something I'll never understand? If it passes the DMV M/C inspection then what's the problem? Sounds almost political!
  15. piltoyougram

    Dirt Legal How Does It Work?

    So what state did your friend pull this off in! Be great to see when the time comes if he can just show up at the DMV and get a new tag! Keep us posted on this deal for sure. Very interesting!