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  1. carpenter519

    1987 XL600R Bog / Will not pickup revs

    clean your secondary carb . Probably a little piece of varnish
  2. carpenter519

    Looking for carbs to 85 XL600R Honda

    ebay is your friend. A couple of members have also custom build carbs. Good luck parts are getting rare.
  3. carpenter519

    Stumped (bogging/cut out under throttle)

    I am in agreement that you need to look at the carbs again Spray cleaner into every little hole and start by putting in the stock jets..On my 83 there is a jet on the side that has a limiter cap on it . It gave me problems once . I had to take the cap off and pull that jet, i think yours in in a different spot . Also i think it sounds like your decompression cables may not be set right. i know on mine a kick and a half is the most i need to do to find the sweet spot. Try disconnecting the cable that comes from the kickstart if you have it connected and just use the manual lever.
  4. carpenter519

    XR350 unusual clutch problem

    these clutches never work well until you start the bike up and get the oil warmed up . I think i would also be looking at new plates. With the prying them apart they could be warped. Also check for notches on the baskets and if there is file them down a bit. My biggest concern would be if that sludge is throughout the motor even a little bit could plug the oil passages . Make sure you have good oil flow to the top end.
  5. carpenter519

    Top end / Valvetrain rebuild help

    Have a look at megacyclecams.com they have a whole top end kit . Also ebay is your friend for these older bikes
  6. carpenter519

    1987 xl600 bog at half throttle

    i agree on taking the carb apart . There are lots of passages in those carbs and the way the fuel is now a little piece of varnish could be causing the problem. If that doesn't work pull the roost boost and the third thing would be to replace the stator it is a common problem. I have put ricky stators in both of my xls.
  7. carpenter519

    XL600R Hard to Start, Aftermarket upgrades Advice.

    I have two xl 600 and have experienced both carb and ignition problems. I would first take the carb apart and check jet sizing and do a good cleaning. I find every other year i need to clean the carbs since i don't use mine year round. But i think you have an ignition issue. I have replaced stators on both my bikes with ricky stators. This is a common issue with these bikes. Here are some ohm readings for the stator black/red and green wires 230-320 ohms and for the pulse generator green/white and blue/yellow 36-440 ohms
  8. carpenter519

    1986 XL600R No start

    just one thought ,Is the choke turning off all the way ? the cables could be getting a little sticky
  9. carpenter519

    1986 XL600R No start

    if you dont have one get yourself a manual You can usually find a honda shop manual on ebay or get a clymer manual off amazon. Check the basics .is the air filter clean, get your self a spray bottle and put a bit of gas in it and spray a bit through the airbox into the carbs. How many miles and is there signs that someone else has had it apart (paint off the bolt heads, silicon squeeze out between parts) Like i said before post this on the honda xr600/650 forum there are a lot of guys over there with a lot of knowledge. It is a 30 plus old bike. The first winter after buying mine i stripped the motor down and found a cracked rocker, a out of round cylinder and a tiny chip if the 5th gear. All of these little problems could have caused big problems so what i am saying it would not hurt to at least pull the top off and head and have a look inside
  10. carpenter519

    1986 XL600R No start

    insert the spark plug into the boot Rest the plug up against the cylinder making sure metal is touching metal and with the ignition turned on give it a couple of kicks while someone watches it and see if you get spark. Works better in dim lighting also a word of caution do not have your fingers near the metal part of the plug while it is being turned over, it can bite. You can google how to test for spark on an engine and there are a few videos
  11. carpenter519

    1986 XL600R No start

    you never mentioned if you did a basic spark test by grounding the plug against the engine and kicking it over. if not the pulse generator would be next guess after a new wire a coil. If you have a good blue spark and it still doesnt start you will have to check the timing and valves. I have a couple of 83 xls and have rebuilt the top ends of both and stripped one right down and found many small issues that could have turned to big ones. Do you know what type of stator was put in? If you dont get a lot of responses post your question on the xr 600/650 forum
  12. carpenter519

    1986 xl 350 cam

    I posted this on the vintage forum but did not get a result. Can someone tell me the service limit measurements on this cam. I know they only had this model here in canada but i would think it should be the same as a 84. I am parting this bike out but do not want to sell someone a bad cam
  13. carpenter519

    1985 xl 350 cam

    Simple question. Can someone give the service limit measurements for the lobes on a 1985 xl 350. I am parting it out and a dont want to sell a cam if it is out of spec. Thanks
  14. carpenter519

    XL600R Ignition or Carburation issue?

    try taking out the air screw on the side of carb number 1. there is a cap on it that you have to pop off or grind the little tab. before taking it out count the number of turns it takes to turn it all the way in this will give you a starting point after cleaning. i had some debris in mine and it caused the same kind of problems
  15. carpenter519

    1984 xr500r massive white smoke

    I second the thought on a valve job . Leaks through the night and when revved hard . Its got 4 valves and seals. When you are in there might as well measure the bore too. You can run it like this for a bit and see if it clears but i doubt it.