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  1. elpenoso

    XR 250L Tires

    Look into Pirelli Mt 21 as well
  2. elpenoso

    XR 250L Tires

    I have a 92 and use the Pirelli Xcmh for front and rear 110-100-18 ® and 90-100 (f) I believe that is also the stock size but all brands vary in sizes anyway. Its clearly a dirt tire but handles very well on the street. A wet street not so much. I have about 2000 miles on them now and the back will need replacement soon and the front in another 500 or so. I ride a lot of street at low speeds. They are great tires for dirt too. I would rather replace them more often than be sliding all over the trail uncontrollably with less nobby tires. They are pretty aggressive and do well with med hard terrain (perfect for all the volcanic rock here). The Dunlop 606 is another good one. It has a less aggressive tread and handles well on dirt and street.
  3. elpenoso

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    That puddle almost ruined my day.
  4. I still have mine but it falls out every time I take the side panel off. Im not convinced it makes much difference.
  5. elpenoso

    Xr 250l removing 6th gear??!

    Yeah Im going to have to crack it open to see whats going on. How difficult is it to change/install a gear? And where is the best place to locate one?
  6. I bought this bike awhile ago the previous owner removed the 6th gear for some reason. First off why would anybody do that? And how easy/expensive would it be to replace? I really want to put a bigger sprocket on the back (still running the stocker) but I dual sport it so riding 55-60mph is a must. However with a larger sprocket and without 6th my top speed will take a hit. Right now its ok at 55 @ 60 starting to strain a little and 65 needs to shift up. Trying to find the best route on this one the stock sprocket blows for trails.Thx.
  7. elpenoso

    My new XR400!!! literally

    Yea not as good need pics
  8. elpenoso

    1991 xr250l

    A pinkslip?
  9. elpenoso

    XR400GP conversion

    I dont see the point, dont you have other hobbies like riding? I think you shouldn't murder the XR it did nothing wrong. Why would you do this? There are better ways to get laid. Street bikes suck anyhow
  10. elpenoso

    xr250l and xr250r differences

    The L has taller 456 gears and smaller sprocket. Which would explain why the top speed is greater.
  11. elpenoso

    xr250l and xr250r differences

    I dont know much but the header is a wider diameter on the R by at least 3mm. They also has a different carbs. Thats all I know.
  12. elpenoso

    Where is THE XR250L info?

    Not sure about the best mod but maybe jetting, exhaust and header grinding should see a significant improvement. Just the headers was noticeable for me. As for bog there is a thread around here that discusses cutting the spring next to the carb by like 20% for a quicker throttle response. There is a ton of info on this subject here shouldn't be hard to find good luck.
  13. elpenoso

    Dual sport build!

    Your plastic looks brand new surely you had some scratches on the yellow part? Am I missing something?
  14. elpenoso

    plated xr250?

    Im assuming its the r model?