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  1. pbinsm

    Is the 02 cr250 a good bike

    I have owned my 2002 CR250r for a few years ( 2002=green sticker in CA!) and have never felt it lacked power compared to other 2 strokes of same cc. The power in my opinion is smooth ( a plus in my book ) so some may mistake this as slow. The Yamahas have a bit more low end grunt but the CR will pull just fine. One thing that will be a big improvement over you old WR is how well the Honda handles. I have had many bikes through the years including some new ones and the Honda is still one of the best in terms of handling and feel. I agree, jetting is important to get the CR to run at its best.
  2. Yes it will bolt right on.
  3. I ran the 280mm on my cr250 and also crf250, nice quality rotor. It worked very well for motocross with great feel, but can be a bit much for offroad.
  4. pbinsm

    2002 crf450r triple clamp options

    The triple clamps and stem will fit fine but you will have to run the front number plate from the 08.
  5. pbinsm

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    10% offer code yq7987803 expires Feb. 6th
  6. pbinsm

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Here is a code for anyone who needs it. jk7956079
  7. pbinsm

    Crf250 clamps fit my 02 cr250?

    They fit, I ran a 2008 crf450 triple on my 02 cr250r, the only thing I had to do was use the 08 front number plate. 06 clamps work but you will have to use a differerent front plate. I believe the 2004 thru 2007 plate should work.
  8. pbinsm

    new tank

    stroker, Does the X seat fit with the R tank?
  9. pbinsm

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I have a code if someone needs it, PM me, it expires in 1 week.
  10. No, Only the 2004 and 05 crf250r exhaust will bolt right on.
  11. pbinsm

    SO my hub is %$%ed ... please help with options !

    Yes...I have CRF450 wheels on my 02 cr250r and they fit perfect.
  12. pbinsm

    Z Racing - Anahiem

    I have been dealing with them over the past 15-20 years and have nothing but good things to say about Z Racing. Great shop!
  13. pbinsm

    just bought a 12 450 xcw

    Congratulations on an awesome bike. That is #1 on my list for my next motorcycle.
  14. I can't comment on the EBC but I do have the CRFstuff 280mm rotor on my Honda and it is excellent. My last bike was a KTM and it had the best front brake I had used to that point. The CRFstuff rotor has better bite and feel then the stock KTM rotor, I am sure the fact that it is 10 mm bigger then the KTM's helped.