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  1. willstalls

    Tire sizes - changing from oem

    Yeah, on most tires it's a comparable size, but not on these. The 120 505 rubs the mud flap and barely fits, where as the stock 140 Goldentyre was significantly smaller with plenty of clearance. Just bought a 110 505 to replace the 120 when it's time, and it seems pretty close to the 140 Goldentyre. The 120 505 is a big boy, both weight and size.
  2. willstalls

    2T pipe guard vs no guard?

    I have a P-Tech on my Beta. About $200 and beautifully made in Estonia by some highly talented people. My 10 old first saw it and suggested we should sell them in my gf's high end art gallery. Craftsmanship aside, I now have no more crushed pipes. At $250 a pipe, it's paid for itself 3-4 times over by now. My main riding buddy has followed suit, and now no longer buys pipes as much as tires. The P-Tech comes off in 1 minute with 3 bolts. It's probably the easiest thing to do on my entire bike. I ride in the desert, so the only thing that has every got stuck in there was a cholla bud one time. I just left it cuz it looked cool. As far as the fix one or the other argument goes, we thought about that too, and both of our guards are much more durable than the pipe, so will break far less often. In the event that do, and my buddy's did, taking it to your local weld shop and having them toss a couple welds on with cost 25-50 bucks max, or a 12 pack. Try taking your crushed pipe in and asking the same guy to fix it. Ha ha.. I weld and fab, so it's a pretty funny argument. And your bike runs exactly the same if a 1" inch weld pops..who cares, ride on. Also, they look bad ass.
  3. willstalls

    Tire sizes - changing from oem

    One notable difference is in weight. The 120 505 is not only bigger, but significantly heavier than the stock 140 Goldentyre. The xtrainer usually has more power than I can use, but I'm feeling a little bogging in the sand and sustained climbs, where I normally wouldn't have with the Goldentyre, or other similar weight and sized tires I've used, and on the desert rides Ive done on it equated to slight overheating and heavy engine load which worried me a bit and had me second guessing the larger size. At the same time, liked the weight in the tech as it seemed to act like a flywheel weight for the wheel, slowing it down and not breaking free as easy. Only have 40 miles on it, so we'll how it goes. Might do the 110 505 next to confirm I'm not just imagining it all, or go back to the Goldentyre, which kicked ass. I was also curious about handling with the taller tire and changing fork angle and seat height, but I put a new spring and oil weight in the front shock, and adjusted rear sag at the same time I mounted the tire, so I'll never know.
  4. willstalls

    Timing chain blues- xr400

    She's alive. Wierd deal with the chain, guess I'm the only one. What a difference with the auto decomp off. Shame it's not more reliable, a lot easier to start with it. Not going to chance it in my Chaco's anymore. Did start quick though and seems more quite. Fresh monsoon on the Mohave gravel, going to go give it a little test.
  5. Besides the generic auto ones, what's everyone using? What's the best and why?
  6. willstalls

    Timing chain blues- xr400

    I wish the Honda manual got into that. I would have gone that route but I didn't want to start pulling stuff apart blind as this is the first bike motor I've cracked into. HOWEVER, I just got the little bastard. I further tweaked my little homemade tool so it could get under the sprocket, grab onto the chain get it to it's happy home. I'll try to post a photo of it later in case anyone needs it in the future. Trailryder42, as far as changing the chain goes, is all you have to do is take off the main cover where the oil filter is at? If so, can you directly access the sprocket from there, or do you have to pull out some guts first? That info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. willstalls

    Cleaned carb, put back together and is now spluttering

    Another thought. If you are new to the xr400 they can be nuts to start if you do not know the method(methods). You could kick it all day long, and not get a thing. There are plenty of good posts on it if you think that may be an issue. Good luck
  8. willstalls

    Cleaned carb, put back together and is now spluttering

    If your carb is clogged and you clean it and then it still does not start, for me at least, 9 times out of 10 cleaning it again fixes the issue. Sometimes it takes more than twice if you are not totally thorough. Sometimes it can take cans of cleaner to get it where it needs to be. Are you using compressed air? That can make the difference. Also make sure the o-rings don't have any tiny cracks in them. Don't be afraid to fix things twice(or more), it's way better than sitting around wondering what could be wrong.
  9. willstalls

    Timing chain blues- xr400

    Thanks for the reply. Yea, took the tensioner off. I'm following my shop manual too by the way. I've tried turning the motor while slacking and manuevering the chain and even at the same time trying to coax it on down at the sprocket with my long pokey tool I made for the job. Have around three hours with just this part. I'm thinking of just changing the chain but the manual has nothing about changing it oddly enough and I'm not going into that, especially blind) just for a valve adjustment. That's stupid. Has this happened to anyone else? Trying to salvage my high regard for Honda engineering(and my mechanical ability too). Need to get riding!
  10. willstalls

    Timing chain blues- xr400

    Took the auto decomp stuff off the cam and while doing so I didn't put enough tension on the chain)via bailing wire)while everything was off and it slipped from the teeth on the crank sprocket. I can't for the live of me get it wiggled back on. It just slipping, and slipping, and slipping, and driving me bonkers. I fashioned a long skinny tool to get down there and bully it back on but I just can't get the damn thing on. Ideas?