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  1. terrobelone

    Questions and a Hand II

    Best advice I can give you, do not Loctite ANY bolts/nut or studs in your engine. I always put a dab of anti seize on the studs, never had an issue. Be sure to use a proper torque wrench.
  2. terrobelone

    CR250r main bearing issueNeed Expert Advice

    This is an 01 engine (in an 02 frame) All rebuild were entirely OEM Honda parts. Everything. The play is in the bearing itself. In all honestly the bearings are smooth there ya never any restrictions or rough spots when turning by hand.
  3. terrobelone

    CR250r main bearing issueNeed Expert Advice

    Play on the flywheel side.
  4. terrobelone

    CR250r main bearing issueNeed Expert Advice

    Cases were replaced last year, bearing journals were tight like they should be, I use an oven to heat cases and freeze bearings.
  5. terrobelone

    CR250r main bearing issueNeed Expert Advice

    Yes, filter is changed every ride I run 4 twin air filters, I use NoToil BIO and leave the oiled filter out over night before installation. I’m stumped.
  6. terrobelone

    CR250r main bearing issueNeed Expert Advice

    No vibration
  7. terrobelone

    CR250r main bearing issueNeed Expert Advice

    Pistons look great, no detonation I run HP2 @ 32:1 with 93 pump fuel.
  8. Hi All, ill try to keep this short. I really need some expert advice on this Over the past 4 years of owning this bike, I have had to replace the crank bearings each year due to the left bearing having up/down play ( I am a New England woods rider, Fast B pace most rides) Some history: * each rebuild was done using proper tools/ break in procedure, no hammers or forcing of parts at all during assembly there were no issues. 2014- Built bike w/ fresh OEM rebuild (Crank/Bearings Seals etc) 2015- Noticed up/down play in flywheel, rebuilt bottom end (again) using the same crank 2016- Noticed up/down play AGAIN!! Rebuilt the bottom end with ano9ther NEW OEM crank.. 2017- Noticed up/down play after 30 hours, bought NEW (less than 5hrs on them since they left the show room) cases from ebay and again rebuilt w/ OEM parts 2018- Just now noticed Up/Down play again, and im about ready to throw the bike in the crusher… What should I do, there is no sign of dirt being ingested as far as I can tell
  9. Hi All, I’m looking to get either a TE/TX 250 or 300, I have been on Honda CR250r’s my whole riding life (12 years) I ride mostly single track woods. It’s time I get a bike I can Plate. How do these husqvarna 2-strokes hold up? This bike would need to last me for years. I’ve heard the steel frames get roached a lot faster than aluminum however that was based on an MX application, not woods How’s the suspension ? what years should I look at or avoid? Looking to spend $6500 or less, not afraid of fixing up a used bike either. Sorry for the long post. Here’s my Honda
  10. terrobelone

    Cr250 bottom end bearing

    I whole heartedly agree, I checked mine right after brake in and there was the same little amount of play that was there before. Meaning I saw the little play, figured it was time for a rebuild, got new very low hour cases, all new oem bearings and crank. The play was the exact same after break in, the bike doesn’t suck dirt, runs clean the crank seals are in proper shape I don’t get it.
  11. terrobelone

    Cr250 bottom end bearing

    I chased this same issue on my 01, I went so far as getting new cases (10 original hours from new, newest I could find) Replaced crank and bearings all OEM, I used an oven and proper tools to assemble the engine, broke in correctly. And after break in, still that little bit of play. 25 hours later and the play is the exact same no more no less. I’m running mine. There is no odd noises etc. bike runs great. I also noticed there is zero play when the bike is warm.
  12. terrobelone

    First full motor rebuild @ bottom end compatibility

    This!! OEM everything! From the crank/piston/rings to the bearings gaskets and seals. I suspect your co-worker kept having failures from cheating out and using inferior parts. Keep us posted on the build, plenty of people on this forum can walk you through if you get stuck. Only other price of advice, get a torque wrench and do not force anything.
  13. terrobelone

    Replace this piston or run er for a while

  14. terrobelone

    Gen 3 Part Swap Thread

    Dosent matter, what do you have?
  15. terrobelone

    Front wheel spoke issue, threads showing

    Will do, RMATVMC is looking into it. Worst case I’ll reuse some oem spokes I saved as this is a back up wheels set.