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    Love wrenching on anything. Currently my project is a 1984 Mitsubishi Turbo Diesel Pick-up
  1. DRZer

    How Many Miles on yours???

    The DR350's only had 5 digits. Rolled over at 10,000 and then again at 100,000. It now say 4200 miles. I've had mine for 1 year and 2 months and have 12,000.
  2. DRZer

    headlight headache

    I wouldn't want to because the short time you are on the road people won't see you. Most bikers ride around with their brights on and still get hit.
  3. DRZer

    How Many Miles on yours???

    My riding buddies DR350 has 142,000miles on it. The odo rolled over twice. It has the orignal rings and everything in it. Still going strong.
  4. DRZer

    What color is yours?

    Add me to the black list
  5. DRZer

    Any Black DR-Z's out there ?

    If you want I can get you pics of mine. It's all black except the yellow IMS tank.
  6. DRZer

    sprockets and chain

    I have 11,300 miles on the stock stuff and it's about ready to be changed. My advice is stick with the steel stuff. The aluminum sprokets wear out twice as fast.
  7. DRZer

    400S digital odometer reset?

    My riding buddy has 140,000 miles on a DR350. Stock rings, piston. He also complained to Suzuki because the odo din't have enough numbers on it. They told him good job hung up. He doesn't have a digital one. It rolled over twice. You guys should meet. Sounds like ypu would get along quite well.
  8. DRZer

    clutch kill switch mystery

    The first time I landed off a jump and the kickstand came down far enough to kill the engine and I went down both of those pieces came off real quick. I like my CBR. It just has an idiot light instead of killing the engine.
  9. DRZer

    Thinking about being motarded

    Do you mean gamma as in Kawi H2?
  10. Wow, don't we all have that problem. If all of us could we would probably have several bikes. Ducati 749R for the track days. Gixxer 1000 for the days you feel depressed. DRZ for commuting and all around hyper days. And the list could go on. Oh but one more. RMZ450 for dirtty days.
  11. DRZer

    Handling problems on the highway

    I highly doubt it's the handguards. I only have one mirror and it doesn't cause any problems. You might want to check your chain adjusters and see if they're on the same numbers. You can also try and tighten you steering stem. But like everybody else said on-road requires more air pressure.
  12. DRZer

    Chain Broke...the Cases, too!

    I wonder if it was just a certin batch that were crap. My stock chain has 11,200miles on it.
  13. DRZer

    Exhaust question

    I personally don't the Yosh set up because even with the TEC insert it is louder then my FMF set up. It costs about $100 more too.
  14. DRZer

    Newbie question on setting rear shock preload

    If your asking if there in enough room to get the correct tool in there the answer in no. But a soft screwdriver works just fine.
  15. DRZer

    Throttle grip replacement

    I wish I would have seen this before. I spent three hours getting my grip off. It was also MOLDED on. No glue or anything. It was all one piece. When I finally got them off I didn't have the energy to cut off the ridge so I just stuck the new ones on and they fit just fine and haven't moved.