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  1. bwh998

    Where to store for winter

    kitchen storage is where it's at.
  2. bwh998

    Got a FunnelWeb Filter for my KTM...

    did you have to rejet when you switched to this filter?
  3. bwh998

    Got a FunnelWeb Filter for my KTM...

    even if it's only more surface area on one side of the filter that's still a good thing. more area to disperse the trapped dirt.
  4. bwh998

    The Perfect Trail Bike Does Not Exist

    if you had a 450 that weighed 150 lbs, i would be trying to steal your technology.
  5. bwh998

    The Perfect Trail Bike Does Not Exist

    i do, quite often. i have a blast every single time too.
  6. bwh998

    The Perfect Trail Bike Does Not Exist

    the perfect trail bike for me could be a full dress harley road king, if that's what i happened to be riding at the time. i don't understand a lot of these complaints i see on here about different bikes, i ride a lot of different bikes and like them all, no problems here. people used to ride trails on 400 lb dirtbikes that had 3 inches of travel, i would feel like a big candy ass to complain about any modern bike, they are ALL good.
  7. bwh998

    Got a FunnelWeb Filter for my KTM...

    so where did you order it from? i would like to try one too, if they make them for my bikes.
  8. bwh998

    Un-killable bikes!

    i bought a 1979 DS80 this year (awesome little bikes) that didn't even need crank seals.
  9. bwh998

    Mityvac help!

    if you can't get the brakes bled i would suspect an air leak somewhere in the line or the master cylinder itself.
  10. bwh998

    Chain Stretch?

    chains don't stretch, they wear.
  11. bwh998

    dust masks for motox?

    i've never used one, it's not that dusty where i ride, but from what i have read people seem to like them. the only complaint that i have read was about wearing them in hot weather, but any kind of respirator sucks to wear in hot weather.
  12. bwh998

    dust masks for motox?

    rz mask. its a dust mask made for moto. google it.
  13. bwh998

    oil change every ride?

    im weird, i agree with you, but change oil like your friend did anyway. in my truck i run it forever, but on my bikes i change the oil every couple rides.
  14. bwh998

    Auto clutch=laziness?

    that seems more complicated b/c the hotstart is mechanically actuated via cable, where you will need a master cylinder to actuate the hydraulic rear brake.
  15. bwh998

    Auto clutch=laziness?

    you guys know you can run a lhrb without the auto clutch right? they are called thumb brakes. it would sit on your side of the bars and you hit it with your thumb.
  16. bwh998

    The Perfect Trail Bike Does Not Exist

    xr650r is the only bike you'll ever need. even works on the mx tracks.
  17. if they still have the teats on them you could sell them on egay? someone should buy them.
  18. bwh998

    The Perfect Trail Bike Does Not Exist

    this thread title is dumb. never heard of an xr650r?
  19. bwh998

    Seafoam question ?

    you can do it either way, or you can suck it in through a vacuum line. i did it to my truck, sucked it into the engine through the brake booster vacuum hose. to be honest i didn't notice any change.
  20. bwh998

    How long will it last?

    lololololol. i love the internet.
  21. bwh998

    Electric Dirt bikes?

    i already have a bike that tops out at 35 mph and only has a 20 minute run time, its called a bicycle.
  22. bwh998

    Honda plastics interchangeability thread.

    im using a 1997 cr125 subframe/plastics on my 93 cr250. direct fit. the fuel tank is also a direct fit. the 97 cr125 fuel tank will not bolt directly onto my 90 cr500 frame. i think that the 97 cr125 subframe bolts directly onto the 90 cr500 frame too. i think that just about all front fenders are a direct swap.
  23. bwh998

    Making Wooden Stand For 250F..Help

    how do i add "carl johansson" to my ignore list?
  24. What about the bikes with aluminum fuel tanks that are full of Ti hardware top to bottom, and some other trick parts? I tend to believe those guys when they claim it was a former factory bike.