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  1. chrispick

    Adams Supermoto Race 01-12-19

  2. chrispick

    Wiring harness from scratch

    Your not going to get a lot of good advise with this kind of question because its way too open ended and really a "rabbit hole" But I just did this on a different bike and really wasn't too hard. Think of it this way, first make all your controls/lights run off the battery; lights, turn signals, brake switch and everything. A pure LED lighting system also helps because it minimizes battery current draw. Second, to keep the battery charged you will need to run the AC to a rectifier/regulator then to the battery. So the stator is wired in parallel to the Rectifier/regulator which is also wired in parallel to the battery. Grounding the battery to the frame wont hurt anything even if the ground is floating. Baja Designs or Trial Tech has all the parts. If you can get it all working just from the DC battery,then charging the battery when the motor is running is really easy. You will need some type of small battery no matter what
  3. chrispick

    Speedway Racing

  4. chrispick

    Is the YZ250 honestly any good in the woods?

    300 kit, wr gears and FWW makes any YZ an exceptional woods or single track bike. It feels like the YZ is "physically" smaller than other bikes and this no doubt also contributes to its "trials like" ability riding single track. My powerband is soft on the bottom and crazy fast on the top with tons of torque. I ride second gear mostly with just a feather from the clutch if necessary because the 300 kit is so nice. 17 year old bike MX bike that is setup the way I needed Yah, its Calif Street Legal too. 2002 was the magic year
  5. chrispick

    Emperor racing skid plates...

    Looks like a mud trap to me. I using the Hyde skidplate and the E3 carbon fiber pipe guard. Very happy with both
  6. chrispick

    Hell on Wheels

  7. Hey, any local Los Angeles riders going out to Milestone to practice this coming Saturday 11-10-18
  8. chrispick

    Johnny Lewis Flat Track training

  9. chrispick

    Supermoto front brake 2019 YZ450FX

    brain fart for sure
  10. chrispick

    Supermoto front brake 2019 YZ450FX

    Motion Pro has been around forever and is known for its custom length cables and great tools https://www.motionpro.com/
  11. Nice, I have always mixed at 40:1, splitting the difference from what the factory recommends and what I grew up doing (70's) Thanks again
  12. BelRay H1R , singletrack, and desert YZ250 w/bigbore kit
  13. chrispick

    Taming YZ295 for bush trails

    my friend, I have the same EG295. Your pipe sucks, I threw mine away and got the DEP, retard the timing with a dial indicator (don,t tell me you can do it by ear) and run tall gearing because the bike will pull it, FWW are necessary
  14. chrispick

    Supermoto race at Adams 2-24-18

    Novice class Yah, baby!!!! https://www.warsupermoto.com/schedule Looks like it will be a sizable event judging from the WAR Facebook page